Three Marriage Lessons Wives Can Glean from Esther

There are times God is speaking to me and I’m just not getting what He’s saying. I have always prayed that when this happens He do whatever He has to do to get my attention. When I discover I keep running into the same topic, song, sermon or Bible verse, I know that this is His cue for me to listen up. Lately the cue has been the book of Esther. I listen to a sermon and it’s about her. I’m reading non fiction books and there she is again. Browsing blogs and yep, Esther. I started taking notes and found a common theme in her story. Esther has great tips for contemporary wives to apply in their lives. 1. Be proactive, not reactive. Esther learned the Jewish people, her own family, were in grave danger of being obliterated and her husband was the one who signed the edict to make it so. I would think if anyone had the justification to freak out, Esther did. I’ve overreacted over much less. One of our first fights was when I went out for ice cream but took a side trip to the mall without calling to let him know. This was before cell phones so he had no idea where I was and he panicked. I returned safely to meet his disappointed gaze and I gave an Oscar winning performance. Esther is a good example of what to do in marriage. She went to prayer and declared a fast before approaching her husband. It’s a good lesson I wish I modeled. 2. Soak it in. Before King Xerxes chose Esther...

For Such a Time as This…

Ester, one of the most timeless stores in the Bible takes a modern meaning as we learn that sometimes our circumstances aren’t actually a valley at all – but a stepping stone to the mountain for such a time as this.

Esther the “Beautiful” Star

The ancient beauty process took twelve months. Six months with oil of myrrh, and six months with perfumes and beautifying and cosmetics. Wow!

I assure you that it would be amazing and extravagant for we women of the 20th century to do this every time we had a “date” with our husbands. I have to admit though, this would make for an incredible gift! Right?