Cup of Comfort

We know that life can be hard and there may be times that you need additional resources and/or support. In order to help you in those areas where you may be struggling, we have compiled a list of organizations and a brief description of the services they offer. Please understand that these organizations are independent of Internet Café Devotions. We are not responsible for their performance, services, or the materials they may provide; nor are they responsible for the performance, services, and/or materials provided by Internet Café Devotions.

Doing life together is what we are all about here at the Café. No one is alone. If you’d like us to pray with you or for you, we welcome you to visit our Cup of Comfort Prayer Partners page. Send us an email and one of our prayer team members will be in touch with you.

Making a Real Difference
Changed lives. That’s what people discover after engaging with FamilyLife–their lives and marriages are changed dramatically for the better.

And that’s the mission of FamilyLife–to help people change the world one home at a time. Created on the principle that the family provides the foundation for society, the ministry offers a wide range of tools to help families become stronger. Tools that help you communicate more lovingly and effectively. Tools that help you rekindle the romance. Tools that help you become the very best parent you can be. By offering tools for change, FamilyLife empowers people to live in love instead of in anger. And thus the world is changed, one home at a time.

Blueprints for Families
FamilyLife is committed to helping people know and apply the biblical blueprints for maintaining a God-honoring marriage and raising children to become responsible adults. Visit Counseling Resource Site

Focus on the Family is a global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive. We provide help and resources to for couples to build healthy marriages that reflect God’s design, and for parents to raise their children according to morals and values grounded in biblical principles.

No matter who you are, what you’re going through or what challenges your family may be facing, we’re here to help. With practical resources- like our 1-800 Family Help line, counseling and websites- we’re committed to providing trustworthy, biblical guidance and support.

Focus on the Family has Care Specialists, Referral Assistants and Counselors who are available weekdays to talk to you, provide information and encouragement, suggest resources, give referrals and pray with you. Visit Resource Site

RefineUs Marriage Ministry was founded in 2009 when Justin and Trisha Davis recognized a need to begin conversations about pornography, lust, adultery and the hidden parts of marriage that the church doesn’t often talk about. After the destruction of their marriage and ministry because of Justin’s affair, they began to sense God calling them to help prevent the melt down of marriages by equipping couples to pursue the marriage God has in mind. Visit Resource Site

Intervention INK specializes in family crisis and extreme interventions. Founders Rick and Amy Marvin have dedicated their lives helping families fight the demons of addiction. After losing their 18 year old son Rusty to a cocaine overdose in July of 2005, they put their faith and love in Jesus Christ to guide them through this unrelenting grief and pain. Their story is truly inspiring and they are ready to share their support and strength with you to help you get your family and loved ones back from the demon of addiction. Visit Resource Site

The True Campaign website exists to end the crisis of poor self-image by challenging cultural ideals about identity and beauty, so we can be free to impact our world as God intended. There you will find articles, video, and recommended reading to give you answers, challenge your beliefs, and help you grow. Visit Resource Site

To remove the stigma surrounding eating and body image issues, Finding Balance promotes prevention, and empowers those who struggle to find a Christ-centered path to freedom.

The staff and board of Finding Balance represents more than a hundred years’ worth of collective experience in working with women and men with eating issues of all kinds. Our team includes both professional and lay experts. We’ve seen firsthand the devastating effect eating issues can have on a person’s relationships, self-image, and purpose. But we’ve also seen the incredible freedom that is to be found as a healing path is pursued. Our website, books, curriculum and other resources are designed to help you find hope for healing, and practical steps for walking toward that hope. Visit Resource Site

Dirty Girls Ministries is a Christian anti-pornography ministry created to help women struggling with sexual and pornography addiction. Founded by Crystal Renaud in February 2009, the desire of Dirty Girls Ministries is to break through the stigmatic barriers that are keeping women in bondage. Moody publishers will release Crystal’s forthcoming book, “Dirty Girls Come Clean”, a recovery tool for the woman addicted to pornography in April 2011. Visit Resource Site

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Bethany is a not-for-profit, pro-life, Christian adoption and family services agency. With over 75 locations nationwide and international ministries in 15 other countries, Bethany touches the lives of more than 30,000 people each year. Bethany is widely known as an adoption agency, but their Christian care extends to people struggling with unplanned pregnancies, birthparent counseling, family counseling, foster care programs, and refugee services. Visit Resource Site

His Love Covers Our Sins (an extension of Lisa Shaw Ministries) is a safe, compassionate ministry for hurting women with special emphasis on the hearts of  post-abortive women. HLCOS offers prayer and messages of hope and truth with grace for anyone who needs their hearts restored. Jesus offers His restorative power to anyone who comes to Him with a willing heart. His arms are opened to you. Visit Resource Site

Crown is a nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) organization that teaches God’s biblical principles of finances to people around the world. Visit Resource Site