Jehovah Roi – He Restores My Soul

There was a time in my life when I was broken. Wrecked, really. I found myself in a pit of despair, marred by sin and betrayal, unable to see beyond my suffering. Sleep evaded me as I wrestled with a darkness that threatened to overtake me; it was probably one of the most despairing seasons in my life. I did not feel close to God, although I was a believer. I felt alone. During that time, a friend suggested I memorize Psalm 23, meditating on one line each day. And so I began… Day 1: The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. Day 2: He makes me lie down in green pastures. Day 3: He leads me beside still waters. Day 4: He restores my soul… He restores my soul. On the day I was to meditate on that line, I found myself desperate for His restoration. For me, on that day, this line was more than a poetic description of God’s love; it was a promise the Great Shepherd whispered over my spirit. It was on that day I realized, in all my suffering, in all my pain, that I was not alone. My Shepherd had been with me the entire time, and He gently worked to restore my soul. Even when I felt alone and abandoned, He was pursuing me, watching over me. He restores my soul. At last, I took hold of a promise that then began to flourish in my heart. I realized that I did not need to live in my brokenness and hurt. I did not need to dwell in this...

Are you listening?

I have both complained and made jokes about the problem. It was only when the ringing and roaring in my ear became a constant distraction that I decided to seek help.

Where are you looking for approval?

I think I understand my dog so well because I ask the same questions. Yes, that is hard to admit. Even harder to admit is that while my head knows I need only the nod of my Master I still find myself seeking approval from others.

Fresh Bread

My thoughts were as scattered as the leaves tossed on the ground. While the swirling continued I chose the task of bread baking. There was the magic of creating something more than its various parts.

Faith a-bounding

One of the many blessings I received when we moved to our country home was the chance to have a dog. I had owned house cats for years (indoor only), and people thought of me as a “cat person” not realizing the total fool I am for dogs.

Knowing Your Master

Each time I catch a glimpse of him I notice he has a shadow, our dog Faith. She follows him where ever he goes, searching his eyes for approval. She lives for his smiles, pats and scratches. All she wants is to please him

Cleaning the Surface

While I am occupied with the mixing, blending, and seasoning, the freezing and labeling, other household tasks if not ignored outright are put off until later. Much is accomplished but it looks as if chaos rules this roost. A sense of uneasiness clings to the disorder…

I Didn’t Fly Alone

I always pray for safe travel and for divine encounters that God arranges for His purposes, so I usually don’t hesitate to speak to strangers. As I located seat, 23C I noticed a tiny, older woman already seated in the center seat of the row. I said a quiet “Hi” and she looked up at me with a friendly smile.