Love Letters

God has a love letter designed just for you. Read his heart for the one who feels they are always messing up, falling short or failing. Let him love you.

I doubt, now what?

Sometimes I doubt. I hate to say it. It’s embarrassing to admit, but it is true. Find out how doubt can work for you, not against – and how to beat it.

Love Wins Over Impossibility

Love sees a wrong and rights it. Love walks into a heart to open it. Love loves when it doesn’t feel like it. Love climbs over tall walls that stand before it. Love crushes the obstacles surrounding it. Love sets down swords to bring bouquets of flowers. Love beats out pain over time, to touch the most callous heart. Love doesn’t count the cost. Love doesn’t add up the damages. Love doesn’t dwell in the days of old, but sees to the dreams of new. Love doesn’t lose its pumping arms of endurance. Love doesn’t move away from always-there, glimmer-of-light hope. Love doesn’t part from passionate perseverance. Love doesn’t see eye-constricting anger, but ever-flowing grace. Love doesn’t forgive once, but 1000 times. Love doesn’t always feel happy, but finds smiles through prayer. Love doesn’t always have answers, but seeks God’s solutions. Love lets the definers and originators of the word make it come alive.  When our arms fall down and our back falls back, Father God, the Son and the Holy Spirit step up. They teach us the real meaning of the word. Then we see how love wins even when it feels like it is losing. Love isn’t easy and Jesus proves that to us. Love sometimes means being seemingly nailed and beaten by those we love. Love still remains. It still works out. Love knows the alternative to love is hate and hate is the quick funnel to all pain, agony and despair. So love continues on… Love never fails. Love seeks truth. Love fights for itself. Love continues to die to self, and live to Christ. Love waits. Love heals. Love brings life. Love wins in the end. Love is...

Knowing Worship

How do we draw deep into Jesus? How do we starting knowing worship that moves our heart to greater devotion and love? God wants your love even more.

10 Biblical Ways to Grab Hold of Contentment

My son loves baking with me. He certainly takes the cake for the best assistant. But, it wasn’t his baking skills that astounded me, it was God’s lesson of contentment really left a taste in my mouth. My son stirred the entire contents of the pancake batter in his bowl, yet his eyes were transfixed on the paltry 2 teaspoons of milk in his sister’s. He was aggravated, annoyed and discontent. Suddenly, he didn’t like his bowl; he wanted his sister’s. I felt sad for him, because: He didn’t realize the value of what he held. He didn’t realize that I had given him something special. He didn’t realize his ingredients were vital to breakfast. Instead, he became so distracted with her plate, he neglected his own. Didn’t he know that we were about 3-minutes away from eating some light and fluffy delicious pancakes?   He was missing out, missing the point and missing the joy. His joy was stolen. Envy was eating him up. How much is our attitude just like his?  One of discontentment? How often do we see past our portion – to only see another’s?  How often are our blessings soured by wandering eyes? What does God think about this? It gets me thinking – when our eyes wander to another’s portion, we miss the delight of our own.  We miss the joy, the anticipation, the thanksgiving, the appreciation, the purpose, the passion – and the moment. The whole time, my son had what was better right before him – but he couldn’t see it. He was too transfixed with the matter of someone else’s batter. Like him, are we so worried about “getting” that we miss what God is “giving”?  Let’s change this attitude to start enjoying what the...