When, God?

 photo hello-i-m-nik-281498_zpssb4t1a9u.jpgThen I said, “Until when, Lord?” (Isaiah 6:11a)

Great question! This follows some instruction from God after Isaiah commits, “Here I am. Send me.” God replies with words that include: Go, Say, Keep.

But until when, God? When will I know when to stop what you’re telling me right now? When will I know when to move on from this job, begin a new project, reach out to someone else, and so on?

God’s work is constant. There are unchanging threads that run through it, yet specifics alter along the way. Following him looks different in our lives over time.

Maybe it’s not as complicated as it feels:

Until when? Forever.

Until when? For a little while.

Until when? I will let you know.

If you want to know “when,” you might have to listen. It’s not easy, but it’s worthwhile.

Susan Lawrence

Susan Lawrence is passionate about pouring into women and loves to equip and encourage them – as individuals and teams – through writing, speaking, and training. She serves her local church as Small Groups and Communications Director. Susan is the author of Pure Purpose, Pure Emotion, Pure Growth, Pure Faith, Pure Love, Pure Submission, and Mombarbed, as well as Farm Days, a collection of memories from her childhood growing up on the family farm in central Illinois. (Studies are available at Amazon and PurePurpose.org.)

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