Stick With It

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make straight your paths”

            Proverbs 3.5-6 (ESV)

I grew up on the original Nintendo Entertaining System (NES). I played Super Mario Brothers all of sixth, seventh and eight grade in the late 1980s. I lost interest in gaming in high school, but the hundreds of hours I clocked letting 2D games entertain my summers had trained my mind to a linear playing field.

My husband and I married in 1999 and in the first year of our marriage, we decided to purchase a new gaming system. We bought the Nintendo 64, and I tried my hand at playing Mario Kart.

For some reason, I couldn’t get into the game. The graphics were amazing, but I thought that I had lost my knack for playing video games. I quickly gave up, assuming that I had just grown out of it.

Although growing out of video games was mostly true, another aspect that caused my lack of interest in the latest gaming system was that the layout was now 3D. The games weren’t linear anymore, and my brain couldn’t grasp the new, nonlinear perspective. I just didn’t get it.

This reminds me of something similar that happens during our walk of faith. Many times God calls us to new situations. We step out in obedience, excited about what God’s going to do. But just as quickly as we step in, we instantly step back out. We lose interest and wonder if we really heard from God. We question whether He had actually called us or  we just imagined it.

We can’t fathom what God is doing, so we instantly give up. In our limited understanding, the nonlinear playing field that God is establishing in our lives makes no sense because we are not used to it. But God is not limited to space, matter or time; and even though we may have difficulty grasping His perspective and movements at first, we shouldn’t give up. Eventually, we will get it.

We must continue on the course that our first step of obedience has brought us to, trusting that He who started a good work in us will finish it to completion. If we clock enough hours into trusting God in the new situation, we will eventually get a glimpse of what God is doing. And we will realize that He is accomplishing something so much bigger than we could ever imagine. We just have to stick with it even if we don’t get it at first.

“Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” – Philippians 1.6 (NIV)

Questions: Is God wanting you to step into a new playing field that confuses or even scares you? How can you boost your faith in His promises today?

Alisa Hope Wagner

Alisa Hope Wagner is aggressive about leading a simple life. She enjoys working out, reading, writing and communicating God’s love and truth. She married her high school sweetheart, and together they enjoy raising their children in a Christ-centered home. Though an introvert by nature, Alisa easily expresses herself through social media, especially on her blog. She has earned her B.A. Degree in English and her M.S. Degree in Applied English Linguistics, and she volunteered in women’s ministry leadership and life group ministry for her church. She trained in Mixed Martial Arts and won her bout by TKO! She has written her debut novel, Eve of Awakening, and has started the sequel, Bear Into Redemption.

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