Nighttime Beauty


There really is something about the beach. The grains of sand, salty sea air, the consistency of the waves, the expanse of the sea with the painted-sky sunsets – it’s as if I’m standing hand-in-hand with the One who created it all while He tells me His love story. Every detail there just waiting to be noticed, observed and appreciated. I am willing. Eyes wide open, my heart aching for Him to speak life into some hard seasons and make sense of them all.

Even in the dark of the night, there’s beauty to behold. Millions of stars beam proudly against the night sky and the moon so bold and bright it draws you in, holding you captive as it reflects the perfect beauty of it’s Creator upon the water.

This year out on the beach at night, the shore line randomly came to life in little electric green lights. Under the light we discover all this nighttime beauty coming from a little jellyfish, no bigger than a silver dollar. These jellyfish don’t appear to be anything special in the light of day. Only at night when the water washed over them did they display their glory. The moments the wave sweeps over them the electric green comes to life, disappearing as the wave rolls away. Incredible!

There. He speaks to my heart about the beauty of hardship and seasons in the dark. Desperate prayers have pleaded for change, yet the call is to stay the course and walk in obedience remain. “Stay. Look at Me. Be still. Know. Shine.”

C.H. Spurgeon wrote,

“Many men owe the grandeur of their lives to their tremendous difficulties.” This is a brilliant quote. Yet as I doer, this leaves me wanting more. How? How do we move through tremendous difficulties in such a way that we cross the finish line with grandeur?

Paul reminds us in 2 Corinthians 4:5-6, “Remember, our Message is not about ourselves; we’re proclaiming Jesus Christ, the Master. All we are is messengers, errand runners from Jesus for you. It started when God said, ‘Light up the darkness!’ and our lives filled up with light as we saw and understood God in the face of Christ, all bright and beautiful.”

Maybe this is a lack of spiritual maturity for me, but I still find myself saying, “yes God, but how? How am I to light up the darkness?”

Faithfully He keeps bringing me back to Romans 12:2, “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

What if we’re just a transformed thought away from lives that light up the night? What if the fact of the matter isn’t actually the circumstances, but our very own thought life?

I’m not going to ask you to now go love your broken marriage or your shocking diagnoses, your impossible job or the tough situation with your children, your annoying neighbor or your financial shortfall, your extended season of waiting or hearing God say, “not now.” It would be insensitive to pen some Christian-ease attempting to wrap up your pain in a pretty bow. But if transformation comes when Jesus changes our thinking, maybe that’s the prayer we need to begin to pray first.

“God give me Your thoughts on this. Change my thinking to see this how You see this.”

Look at His life. Look at His love. Look at His obedience. Look at His death. Everything He’s asking, He has already modeled with His own life. Only Jesus makes painful beautiful, breathing life into it causing it to shine in the midst of the darkness.

Friends, deep is calling to deep. When the waves sweep over you, plead with the God of Heaven to change your thinking so then you can begin to learn His will for your life and see it as good and pleasing and perfect. Transformed thoughts light up the darkness as we reflect the face of Jesus – all bright and beautiful – like the moon over the ocean at night, drawing others in to the beauty of our Father.

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  1. Your post on nighttime beauty really spoke to me! Thank you so much for sharing!
    I love being by the water and also watching the stars at night. The line about beauty even in the darkness seemed to jump right out to me. I know my thoughts drag me down and take my focus away from where it should be.
    What a well written reminder! Thank you again.


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