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We are raised in a world where justice is demanded.  Even the secular world quotes the Old Testament by saying “an eye for an eye” they believe that this is the definition of justice.” We have theologies, mindsets, and political views based on this “justice.”

Jesus, His life, and His teachings show us a NEW way…

Jesus IS justice.

The Lord has spoken to me for years about the importance of forgiveness. But yet, I still had deep down in the core of my being, a desire for this justice. Not His justice but mine. My belief system, although not intentionally, had been formed in a very rigid religious system that very much believes “an eye for an eye.” I was completely absent of GRACE, LOVE, COMPASSION, and TRUE FORGIVENESS. Because I had formed my small minded views on forgiveness around what the world thinks and not what the Man… Jesus taught. A wrong requires justice, it requires someone to pay… Of course, I didn’t realize I thought this way. We seldom do. Until our beliefs are confronted by this crazy thing called life. In a moment of darkness in my life, when I had been hurt more than I ever thought bearable, I picked up this book from Kris & Jason Vallotton, “The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness.”  There is a chapter titled “Justice Served.” The Lord used to confront the false belief system I had allowed to develop rooted in my need for justice! Here is a quote that rocked me…

“The day that Jesus was crushed for our sins, He revealed the meaning of true justice. Justice was no longer found in revenge, but in forgiveness, Jesus died so that we could be forgiven. Therefore, unforgiveness became an injustice, because a lack of forgiveness nullifies the payment Christ made for us with His own blood.”

During this season the Lord revealed Himself through His word time and time again…Showing me the love, grace, mercy, and compassion that Jesus has for each of us. As a Christian, we are called to walk the same way. I realize this is a VERY hard task, but when you are able to lean into Him and release the hurt & pain through the act of forgiveness you will experience a level of freedom most have never touched.

I realize this is EXCRUTIATINGLY hard, but when you are able to lean into Him and release the hurt and pain through the act of forgiveness you will experience a level of freedom most have never touched.

A couple of years ago the Lord gave me a picture to help me understand forgiveness. I am a very visual person and since Jesus is the ultimate teacher He knows how to reveal Himself and His ways to all of us. (He is cool like that!) What The Lord showed me was the record of wrongs that I was keeping. The debts I felt were owed to me. They looked like credit card statements.  Some people through various hurts and disappointments had racked up a very large bill. I felt completely justified in carrying the debt because they had hurt me. Every statement was a record of the wrongs, the hurts, the pain I had felt because of someone else’s actions.  Just like a credit card statement the balance that was carried produced interest. Except the interest was not affecting the debtors but myself. The interest was anger, hatred, offense, bitterness, resentment. Then The Lord started to show me His people and how many of us were carrying the same type of statements around with them. Clinging to them. They had all fell victim to the same mindset… Someone owes me something.

When Jesus taught His disciples to pray in Matthew 6:5-13 He said, forgive us our debts as we forgive those who have debts against us… He showed me all the statements that I had carried around with me, some for years, were stamped “paid in full” with His blood. He shed His blood for our forgiveness so that we could forgive as well.

He taught me an exercise to help me release the debt I was carrying.

I spent some time in worship with just Him and my journal. I asked The Lord to reveal to me all the debt I was clinging to. I wrote the name of the person that wronged me at the top of the page of my journal and one by one I listed the record of wrongs that I have kept close track of.

As The Lord revealed each hurt He would lead me through a simple prayer… I forgive —— for the time ——– I release them completely from this debt, I do not owe them anything and they do not owe me anything, Your blood has paid the price for this debt and it has been canceled completely. Page by page debt by debt I was able to forgive and release all the hurt, all the pain, all the disappointments, all the offenses.

As I released each debt the interest I had allowed to build up in my heart left as well.

All the resentment, bitterness, offense, and judgment was released through the power of His blood and forgiveness!

This is true justice.

Radical forgiveness.

Radical love.

Radical mercy.

Radical justice.

This is the way of Jesus.

My prayer for you today is that you would receive the revelation and the freedom from the power of forgiveness and that you would allow true justice to rule your heart! When you walk in this freedom you will understand 1 Corinthians 13 love keeps no records of wrongs… You will begin to forgive and release debt as soon as it occurs and never again keep record of what is owed to you…

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