When Your Deepest Pain and Purpose Collide

We want to change the world and do something big.

We want to know our lives, pain, and tears on this earth matter.

Searching for our purpose, we read books, say thousands of prayers, and beg God to answer the question: “What in the world are we here for?”

We get glimpses, but it still looks hazy. We see other people doing great things and wonder if they have some secret hotline to heaven we know nothing about.

I read this scripture a few weeks ago and I’m still digging for all the treasures found here.

Psalms 126:5-6

 They who sow in tears shall reap with joyful singing. He goes back and forth weeping, carrying his bag of seed {for planting}, will indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing sheaves with him.

Oh friend, we have made this way more difficult than it needed to be. And way bigger in our minds than it needed to be.

Our culture tells us that our purpose has to be this “big thing” we must strive for, when God is saying, “It’s right in front of you. Look at those around you who are in need.”

 What I’ve discovered about people who have done great things is that it always started with small things done with great love. (Mother Teresa).

There is a quote that says, “Show me a man’s wounds and I’ll show you his purpose.” 

Think of your deepest pain: the things in your life which have hurt you and cut you so deeply that they just about did you in.

Now, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is out there battling with the same issues I have struggled with?
  • Am I willing to share my experience and healing journey with others to bring them hope?
  • Would I be willing to bring a cup of coffee or a hug to someone in desperate need of encouragement?

Recently, my cousin exemplified this beautifully. She lost her brother and our dear cousin to suicide thirteen years ago. We as a family have grieved this loss horribly, especially his parents and siblings.

So, this is what she did with her pain: she sowed her tears, took them with her and decided to do a walk to bring about suicide awareness and prevention. And when the day came, we as a family donated, went with her, and walked with other hurting families.

Those that sow in tears, shall reap with joyful singing.

We can either sit with our pain and do nothing or we can sow our tears, walking forward, letting God use them for His purposes.

And the harvest that comes?

God shows up. He brings joy in the middle of the pain and gives us a purpose we never imagined could come from it.

What is your deepest pain? And how does it collide with your purpose?

Take your tears with you and go.

And sit back, my friend, and watch in amazement at what God can do.


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