Jesus In The Margins


In Matthew 25 Jesus says, “As you have done to the least of these, you have done unto me.” He specifically calls out those who are sick, in prison, hungry, thirsty, naked, the stranger in the land, and so on. He was talking about those people that live in the margins of society. The margins of society is the fictional place that we keep people that live out of the socially accepted norm, the ones that are overlooked, pushed away even. As Christians our hearts should seek to go after the people marginalized by society instead of pushing even more people into those margins.

The people in the margins include, the homeless, the poor, the prisoners, the immigrants (illegal & legal), the old, the sick, prostitutes (although this has improved with the human trafficking movement), addicts…basically the people we would RATHER NOT SEE.

Instead of going after these people, Christians have actually forced a couple more people groups “into the margins.” Labeling them, homosexuals, other religious groups (especially muslims), women that have had abortions, and more that I am missing.

It makes my heart ache to know that the margins exist… and it breaks my heart to know that the church is continually drawing lines that make the margins even bigger!

We have become desensitized to the value of human life. We see it everyday. Look at the way people treat those that work in the service industry. It is perfectly acceptable to never make eye contact with the people that serve you food in a restaurant. I got to travel alone recently and I sat in the airport and watched how people treated strangers. In the line for food the only other person (besides myself) that spoke to the server was a man that cursed at the young man behind the counter because of the prices (which he obviously could do nothing about.) On the airplane no one looked up at the stewardesses when they spoke. No eye contact. Everyone is engulfed in a virtual world where real people don’t exist. In the land of Facebook you can make yourself look exactly the way you want. People don’t have to really SEE your life… just the life you choose to publish. Because of social media we have built walls up around the real people we encounter every day and treat them like they don’t exist.

I have been sick for the past two days which means I have watched more TV in the past 48 hours than I normally do all week…(or maybe even two weeks) Last night I watched the pilot of “The Game of Silence”, I seriously don’t know if I can continue to watch it or not… It’s about a group of teenagers that made a mistake (a bad one) and went to a juvenile detention center where they were severely abused, not just by the other boys, but the guards and warden. The show (unfortunately) is more about revenge then forgiveness, however the realization of the plight of people we REFUSE to SEE struck a cord with me.

We should care about ALL humans.

Even the ones behind bars… even the ones that”deserve to be there.”
I realize it was just a TV show but it wrecked my heart because I know that the truth is there are MANY real life stories that reflect the one I just seen on prime time TV.

As Christians it is our job to “go into the margins” and LOVE the people that the rest of society refuse to see… We CANNOT be adding more people to the margins.

Where are the people that want to change the world?

I know you are out there…


and not really understanding what you can do that will make a real difference.

This is a call to those people… the people that hearts still ache when they SEE the people in the margins. This is a call to the world changers that want to make a difference but don’t know how. This is a wake up call to the sleeping church… It is time to WAKE UP and walk in love to the margins and erase the lines we have drawn in the sand.

It is time to do something.

It’s time for the church to unite and SEE people we have hidden in the margins of society… and it is time to LOVE.

Jesus lives in the margins loving those that everyone else ignores.

Will you go with Him?

If this has spoke to your heart (and I pray that it has) it is time to do something. Gather people (if you can otherwise do it alone) and go into the margins and begin to erase the lines in the sand by loving the people you find there.

This is about LOVE and LOVING all people.

Go to the homeless and feed them… but make eye contact and HUG them, remember that they are human and are highly valued in the Kingdom of God.

Send letters & books to people in prison.

Visit the elderly, the sick.

Organize clothing and food drop offs and deliveries in your community.

LOVE the people in front of you.

Refuse to live a life thats blinded. Love your neighbor; even if they think differently then you. Go beyond this list that verily scratches the surface and create groups of radical world changers in your community that begins to look at things and laws that need to change on a larger scale.

The point is DO SOMETHING.

If you need help knowing where to begin message me.



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  2. Thank you for this amazing and powerful post. Thanks for speaking truth.

  3. Thanks for an amazing and powerful message. Thanks for speaking truth!

  4. awesome message

  5. LOVE!! I want to SEE people! ❤


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