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Over the years I’ve been blessed to serve in ministry at the local church. Most of the time you hope and pray that what you are doing is making an impact, but truth be told you never fully know just what that impact is. A good friend of mine, Michelle Garrison, shared this with me a few weeks ago and I immediately knew that this was something that needed to be talked about with you as well.

This is something that many of us wrestle with, as a matter of fact, it’s one of the things that I talk/write about more than anything else: Girlfriends, vulnerability and being real with each other. It’s not easy to do, that’s for sure, but something incredible happens when we start to get behind the makeup.

I pray you are as encouraged by her words as I have been…she is not an author, speaker, or even someone that likes to be in the spotlight, she’s a real woman, doing real life and trying really hard to live out her faith and I just love that about Michelle. Her words are from the heart and I know that it will challenge you as much as it did me.

As I assessed my face in the makeup mirror this morning, I was so thankful that I was able to hide my imperfections under the mask of makeup. The day before, I hung around the house and wore no makeup. It is amazing how good you feel when you look all put together. On that no makeup day, I wasn’t feeling at my best. Then, my thoughts turned how we as women hide our imperfections behind the mask of makeup, so we look all put together. A little concealer on that blemish, some foundation to cover the scar, a little blush to look healthy…we make ourselves think that our life is perfect because we look good on the outside.


Over the past few weeks, I have been able to share some real struggles going on in my family with close friends. I have been able to take off my makeup with them and show them the imperfections of my life– past and present. I’m not here today to reveal all of those imperfections to all of you. Those specific things do not matter to you.


What matters is that you are able to find a safe place with at least one person where you can take off your makeup and show those imperfections under your mask. After I was able to do that, the stress and loneliness I felt for so long was lifted off me. It is amazing how much better I feel to be able to share and be real with just a few people. I realize that I should have done this a long time ago because now I don’t have to struggle with things by myself. It is not like anyone has the cure for whatever it is that you’re going through, but just by being able to share it, helps so much.


Do you have that person or people in your life that you can just be real and take off your makeup? I’m not talking about your spouse, boyfriend, or the people who live in your house. Those people probably know what your imperfections are already. I’m talking about people outside of your home. That is when you can find peace; when you have the ability to share openly. I am not saying that you need to take your makeup off for everyone that you see and wear your blemishes as a Scarlet Letter. Those things shape who you are, but the are not your title.


I always felt that if I could not be real with everyone, then I would be real with no one. Through this, I have realized that I don’t have to tell everyone that my life is not as perfect as I want to make it appear. But, the more you share your struggles, the more people can pray for you. If you’re not ready to share with those around you, or don’t have that person to talk to yet, know that God knows your struggles and imperfections better than anyone. He is there to listen when you need to unload. Your peace will be found when you open up your relationship to Christ and talk to him.


I had not realized the importance of what I’ve heard for so long. We are not made to do life alone. I never knew how true that statement was until now. I see how peace is found knowing that I am not alone and I could finally stop hiding behind my makeup.

Ladies, today is a good day to take off the makeup and get real with someone…talk to God first, He wants to take that burden from your shoulders, then find a good friend or two that you can talk with, pray with, cry with and share life with. I’m praying that for you, Melissa

Melissa Mashburn

Melissa is a woman who is passionately pursing God every day by taking her everyday, ordinary life and placing it as her offering to Him. With a heart to "keep it real" her life and ministry is all about "Real Women, Real Life, Real Faith" in action. She's an author, speaker, Pastor's Wife, Connections Director at her church, ministry leader and more importantly mom to two adult sons, Nick & Bailey. Melissa has been married to her best friend, her true North, Matt for 22 years, they live and enjoy ministry life in Sunny South Florida.

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  1. Thank you Melissa for your devotional. This really meant a lot to me. To make a long story short, and I’ll be blunt. I don’t really have any close friends to make me feel like I could be open with. I’ve prayed for many years to God that He would send me a friend that I could be close to and open up with. I had a best friend in Jr High and in High school but in time passing they left my life. Now in my almost 43 years of marriage I just have my husband to bring things to. But I’m sure you probably know they aren’t always real helpful with some things. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have gone on so long. Anyway, thanks again Melissa. Ruth 🌷


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