The Samuel Trait


Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening. 1 Samuel 3:10

But am I?

Are you?

We live in a world that is super saturated with noise and action. Rarely do we escape the noise of a TV or radio. Streaming media fills our walls and our heads. Even white noise—static—is noise and can easily drown out a whisper, a stirring, a still, small voice.

But we’re afraid of the silence.
We grow restless and uncomfortable in silence, and it quickly grows until it consumes us, and we turn the box back on.

We say we’re listening but our foot is keeping beat with the music, our eye is straying to the screen, our thumb is clicking whatever little box is begging for attention. And we’re not fully focused on who we say we’re listening to.

And we wonder why God isn’t speaking to us. Why we’re wandering around feeling lost and left out because we haven’t found our calling or heard God’s voice. We haven’t heard it because we aren’t listening. Really listening. Actively listening while our soul is silent, breathless to hear what it is He has to say to us.

Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening.

Listening for the still, small voice.

Samuel found his calling because he heard God calling to him and he listened. He couldn’t hear what God had to say to him the first times God called to him because he was off and running to Eli. Doing. Willing and eager to hear but busy. But when he stayed still and listened, he heard God’s message.

Won’t you join me in turning off the noise and sitting still?

I know you don’t have time — neither do I — but if we miss this, we may miss the whole point of our day, possibly of our lives.

The problem is that it’s not as simple as it sounds. Just like a child can’t come in from racing around with all their senses on overload, flop down and be perfectly calm, neither can we. It takes time to find to stillness we often need to really hear. It takes time to catch our breath, slow our stampeding heart rate and thoughts, and relax into the silence, into the stillness. Then we can listen. And hear. And obey.

Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening.

Patty Wysong

Patty Wysong, a home executive with over 20 years of experience, homeschools two of her five children, but don't let that fool you. She spends much of her time working on what God has placed in her hand: her keyboard. From the corner of her living room she writes inspirational fiction, devotionals, blog posts, and teaches online blogging workshops. You'll also find her drinking kool aid from her china cup, preparing for the ladies Bible study she leads, and helping at their church. Through her writing, Patty has found the extraordinary God in her ordinary life.

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