Weekend Wrap•Up


Well, it’s been quite a week.

It’s time for our wounded nation to grieve as necessary and begin healing the divisions that clearly exist among us. My prayer is that each of us examine our role in the human story and be a reflection of healing to those we meet, those we know, those who challenge us. Let us be a reflection of Jesus, in our little corners of the world, to those who desperately need love, mercy, understanding and grace. Enough rhetoric, listen and love with compassion and humility – let us live the walk.

May the words from this week encourage you.

Prayer for ALL OF US During the Election

Kelly Stanley


If MY People Will Pray…

Kelly Stanley


Someone Needs You to be Their People

Leah Adams


Mr. Big Stuff: The Sin of Diotrephes

Nanette Elkins


Courage to Say the Tough Stuff

Jennifer Slattery

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