So you think you’re a failure?


Did you know that the Dyson vacuum cleaner is named for Sir James Dyson? Dyson was frustrated with the Hoover vacuum he owned because it would lose suction. He came up with the idea of cyclonic separation to create the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner in a universe filled with replacement, disposable sweeper bags. Dyson experienced 5,126 failures before he mastered the concept, but then met even more resistance in the UK because no one wanted to step out and be different with a vacuum that didn’t require you to purchase paper bags for the rest of your life.

Give up? Never. This entrepreneur went to Japan with a hot pink Dyson and it won awards and eventually a U.S. patent. But even this wasn’t enough for manufacturers, so he was forced to form his own company to get the Dyson on the market. Today?  The Dyson bagless vacuum is worth more than £3 billion!

The Apostle Peter was also doubting himself over a few bad days. He witnessed Jesus being led away to be crucified. He denied him. Three times. Try to put yourself in Peter’s place. Impetuous Peter. Insert-foot-in-mouth-before-thinking-Peter.  Walk-on-the-water-and-sink-Peter. (Hey, he did get out of the boat!)

He might be you.

He is me.

But he didn’t walk away. He didn’t quit. He didn’t leave the disciples, but instead obeyed what Jesus had told them to do: go and wait in the Upper Room and He would send the Comforter.

Peter was there when the power fell at Pentecost! He witnessed the 120 being filled with the Holy Ghost, that power from on high. He then went on to deliver the most powerful message: one that is still being preached today!

The same guy that had fallen, that had failed, got back up! He might not have believed in himself when he was at the bottom, but he believed in the One who was able to forgive. Peter had witnessed that forgiveness over and over again. He knew it was for him too, so he kept getting back up – coming back to the power source.

What is hindering you today?

Do you feel defeated?

Have you failed in your actions, your words or your thoughts?

Is there sin in your life that the enemy won’t let you lay down?

Satan will do his best to hinder your prayers because he knows the power they have! But you do not need to be defeated or discouraged. Do not allow yourself to be lied to by the enemy of your soul. Stand up, take authority with the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit and…

Remember Sir Dyson and keep on trying.

Remember Peter and get back up.

nannette elkins

Nannette has served in various ministry positions over the last 30 years, most recently as a pastor’s wife and missionary to Eastern Europe serving in the countries of Estonia and Latvia. Wife to The Sweetheart, Mom to the Fantastic Five, Nana to Lark and Norah, Author of The Daniel Fast, A Devotional. UPCI ministers, and NA Directors of RevivalByDesign. She travels with her husband, teaching churches a Bible-based blueprint of revival, Revival By Design. ( Nannette blogs at, is the curriculum editor for and devours anything with coffee in the title.

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