Beating Worry

Have you ever noticed how God teaches you something and you think you’ve mastered it then BAM! He puts you in a situation to see if you really learned the lesson…and you fail. Miserably. Or maybe it’s just me?

photoNot too long ago, as I was returning home from a fair six hours away, one of the back tires of my fifteen-passenger van shredded. At that point I was going a little over 70 mph, in the third of four lanes, where three interstates converged and ran together.

God got us safely off to the side and I was back on the road within two hours. That’s when a wave of fear took over and could have pushed me into a panic attack. The spare, although a full-sized tire, sounded and handled totally different than the original had. Not only that, but my husband told me to baby it home. Even after identifying all the new noises and making sure the tire was holding air and asking a hundred questions and being assured by my very patient husband that everything we described to him was okay, I worried.

With each mile that we slowly trekked, my anxiety grew.

On top of the worry, I felt like a fraud because I had just completed a study on worry. I knew from experience that what I learned would work, so I puzzled over why my anxiety was growing so fast.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 4:6-7 NAS

With thanksgiving. What does thanksgiving and thankfulness have to do with worry? A LOT! And I was focusing on all that could go wrong instead of on all God had done.

Right then I made a choice. I chose to find everything I could to be thankful about concerning the last few hours.

As I listed the things I had to be thankful for, my worry was pushed out of the way as I praised God. All those things were His doing. Although I was still hours from home, running on a tire I wasn’t totally convinced would get us home okay, I was at peace—and it was God’s peace. What I had learned from Waging War with Worry and Winning Peace worked. I won peace—God’s peace, and worry was defeated.

Patty Wysong

Patty Wysong, a home executive with over 20 years of experience, homeschools two of her five children, but don't let that fool you. She spends much of her time working on what God has placed in her hand: her keyboard. From the corner of her living room she writes inspirational fiction, devotionals, blog posts, and teaches online blogging workshops. You'll also find her drinking kool aid from her china cup, preparing for the ladies Bible study she leads, and helping at their church. Through her writing, Patty has found the extraordinary God in her ordinary life.

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  1. I find myself needed to do that too. On Friday, I have to drive a defective car to the dealers to get the airbag fixed. Now, I’ve been driving it for years, so when this came out, I found myself afraid to drive it much–just in case! lol crazy but fear can grab hold when we don’t want it to. Counting my blessings today! Thanks for a good post and reminder. Glad you made it home safely.

    • YES!! Fear can strangle me. And it only takes a tiny spark of fear to light the fire of worry. But God is greater and the water of His Word can deal with that fire.

      I have a Bible study, Waging War with Worry and Winning Peace, on this that will be releasing soon. =] There was a delay in getting it out. But that’s okay. God knows and is in control. 🙂

  2. In these troubled times, more and more I just keep thanking God that He IS God and He is in control. I should probably add to my “Thanksgiving” list. Great reminder, Patty. God Bless.

    • YES!! He is God and remembering that HE is in control makes a big difference.


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