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The Word

If your enemies are hungry, give them food to eat.
    If they are thirsty, give them water to drink. ~ Proverbs 25:21 (NLT)

The Prayer

Honestly, Father, the thought of tending to needs of my enemies is a struggle for me. Rather than offering care to one who opposes me, as You would, I tend to rejoice in what I consider their judgement. Instead of looking with compassionate eyes, I sometimes view their situation through eyes of condemnation.  My hurt, disillusionment, and frustration cloud my heart's vision.  I allow my emotions to be my filter, not You.  This is difficult to admit, but it is he truth.  The thing is, that's not how I want to live.  Denying forgiveness and executing judgement eats away at me and in no way honors You.  I fight it, Father!  It seems when I fight it, though, I lose.  I need You to fight it for and through me.  May I see with Your eyes, feel with Your heart, love with Your love.  Enemy or friend ~ it shouldn't make a difference.  You've spoken and I want to harken.  Please live THROUGH me in every and all situations.   

In Jesus' Name, Amen…

The Share

If you are joining us today & “Seeing & Praying”  THIS WORD, we’d love to encourage each other on the journey. Part of this experience is to share and see what the Lord reveals to each of us we come together in community to share the Holy Word. We encourage you to journal, create & pray through this verse and share that with our Wednesday with our community by commenting below. We hope that with all of us centering on one verse that the Lord will reveal much. 


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