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Welcome to a brand new year of Word-filled Wednesdays, where we are going to bring you a Scripture graphic along with an opportunity to pray out the word together. There is nothing more powerful than a God's people moving together in prayer.  So as a group of women (and men) on our knees, we're going to take the Word, under the leading of the Holy Spirit, and learn how to intercede for those needs we face every day with the heart of God as our guide. We encourage you to journal the Word along with us and be creatively inspired as we See & Pray in 2013.



The Word…

Deuteronomy 6:5-9 ESV

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.

Now Prayed…

Heavenly Father, you tell us in your Word that we should love you, the Lord our God, with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our might.   Please forgive us, Lord, when we do not love you this way. Please show us when our love is more powerful for others…and other things…instead of you. 

God capture our attention in such a way that we yield our heart to you.

Enter in and do your work within us, as well as in those we desperately love. Take our soul, O Lord, and bend it to your will.  Take our bodies and use it for your mighty work. 

God tell us that these words of yours should be on our hearts.  But looking close, we see other words taking up residence. Forgive us for the ways we've allowed these words to enter.  Take them out of us, replace them with your truth, and give us a discernment as we move through each day and intake the words around us.  We want your word to be on our hearts day and night, through times of trial and in times of blessings.

Lord, we also want your Word to dwell richly in the hearts of those we love.  You tell us to teach this Word of yours to our children — to teach them diligentily.  Oh God, help us carry out this massive task with humilty and grace.  And Lord, we pray that we would have eyes to see those who are not our children, but to whom you've called us to teach. Oh that we would step out in faith in those necessary relationships you've ordained. 

Prompt our spirits, Lord, when the opportunities present themselves for us to speak of your Word, when we sit in our homes and when we walk through our communities, when we lie down at night, and when we rise to face the day each morning. Show us the hidden places for us to speak your word boldly but with gentleness and humility.  

May this Word of yours, Oh God, be bound onto us as sign of your hand on our lives.

May this Word spoken and breathed and lived be like markers set right between our eyes.

May this Word given be like neon signs on the doorpost of our homes and hung brightly on the gates the touch the world beyond.

In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

Join In…

Feel free to share this prayer or write your own an link up with us here. We encourage you to pray along with us as well as create a Scripture graphic using Deuteronomy6:5-9 from any Bible translation. 


If you're just joining us, WFW is looking a bit different this year. Please see how the Lord is leading us in 2013.

Since it's inception, the purpose of Word filled Wednesday is to share God’s word through photo, or graphic image combined with a verse from the Bible. As a new year begins, we feel that the Lord is asking us to take that Word and apply it to our daily prayer lives. We are thrilled to announce the introduction of our newest Counter, Word Filled Wednesday ~ See & Pray. You are encouraged, as in the past, to:

Download it,
Read it,
Print it,
Share with others!

And now we are hoping that you'll join us in "seeing and praying" that Word. 

What does that mean? 

It means that after much prayer and reflection, we feel that the Lord is asking us to take His Word and apply it to our weekly prayer life. We want to use the graphic images and translations to do just that; join each other in centering our prayers around the weekly Word. 

If you would like to share the "graphic of the week," please feel free to do so on your personal blog and link back to ICDevos so that we can encourage women to join us as pray through the Word. We are also encouraging women to link on Wednesday (just as you have done in the past) or any other day of the week, their personal reflections and/or prayers using the Scripture highlighted in the graphic as part of those prayers. We know that prayer is simply talking to God and the Word of God is our source of inspiration and meditation for those prayers. Please feel free to share your own Scripture graphic highlighting THE SCRIPTURE of the Week. 

It's our hope that as a community we can encourage each other to use the Living Word as a place for powerful prayer to begin. As a new year dawns, it is the perfect time to rededicate Word Filled Wednesday to praying this powerful Word and encouraging women as they talk to Jesus.  

WFW Disclaimer

Please understand WFW is a love offering to Christ. Our art, our photography, our verses, our prayers. WFW is a way of remembering HIS word. IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM.

We ask that you join us in keeping  WFW for what it always has been.

WFW is to share the word of God – Jesus Christ.

We love the creative expression that God reveals Himself thorough and we understand that visual Scripture graphic can be an inspiration and a way to encourage meditation on that Word.  We want to encourage our particiapants to share each week. Share how this Word applies to your life, share your own graphic of this Word, encourage others with written prayers centered on the Word of the week. 

WFW is about celebrating the gift of creativity through God's Word.

We pray that WFW can be a place where women can come for a bit of visual inspiration and encouragement from the Father as we pray the powerful Word together.



Elisa Pulliam

Elisa is a trained biblical life coach, mentor, and speaker passionate about equipping women to experience authentic life change for the sake impacting the next generation. She leads More to Be, a ministry committed to raising up mentors and providing resources for tweens, teens, twenty-somethings, and women. Elisa is also the author of Impact My LIfe: Biblical Mentoring Simplified. She considers her first calling as wife to Stephen and mother to her house-full of children. Her favorite days begin on the porch with the Lord and end on the beach with her family and friends. Connect with Elisa at www.elisapulliam.com

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  1. I hope my post is what you're looking for with the new WFW.  😉  I do have a prayer at the end.  I don't see Mr. Linky — so I will try to come back later to link with you ladies.

    Have a truly blessed Wednesday!

  2. I guess I am confused. None of the links up I looked at had anything to do with WFW? I am going to just share a picture with a verse on it and link back. 🙂

    • Heather, we are hoping that women will use the verse of the week and use that to start a prayer conversation with the Lord. We are encouraging women to share their version of this Word. In the past the verse has been an individual one with Scripture but we were hoping in 2013 to come together each week and dive into one verse together. We LOVE to see the Scripture that women create and share but the Lord has laid on our hearts to incorporate prayer as we share the Word. We are hoping over time to have women sharing the graphic, or one they have created with the Word of the week while sharing what the Lord is doing in them through that Word…I hope that helps!

  3. Magnificent collaboration with the Spirit and ever encouraging as well dear sisters ~ Blessings Deborah 

  4. Thanks, Lori! So you are basicially saying take the verse that is shared on here Wednesday and create a picture with it on there? Do you want us to make convo about it and give some thoughts? I just wasn't sure and didn't want to expound on the verse if it wasn't what the aim for. 🙂

  5. May God bless the new format of this ministry. Thanks for hosting & for all you do to share His Word.



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