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Two and half weeks ago, my family endured the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, along with millions of others in the region. The lights flickered for hours while the wind hollered, chasing us to the basement minutes before we lost power. We emerged the next morning to face a disaister of fallen trees, impailed homes, fires burned out. In the days to follow, temperatures dropped while gas lines laced roads miles long.  We waited day by day, hour by hour for power to return. For life to get back to normal.

In a time of waiting and experiencing the loss, one comes face to face with meaning of life.

She discovers that the source of her power wasn't His power.

She finds out that comfort has defined her life.

She realizes that suffering gracefully requires a deep, connected relationship with the Savior who suffered most of all.

I didn't walk through the trial gracefully. But I didn't blame God either.  I accepted His sovereignity — a newish sort of reality for me — but there was certainlya messy lurching of the ugly cry and sacrifical service, pity parties and sincere moments of thankful praise throughout the nine days of power-less life.

But God changed me in that mess.

He showed me He is the power I must draw from.

He reminded me that I count everything as loss compared to knowing Jesus Christ as my Lord. 

He's made me more passionate about know Jesus initimately.

More than ever, I want to become more like Him. 

Especially to be people trapped in a life in which they experience the hardship of being without daily…without food, without heat, without electric, without gas, without resources.

Will you pray for me to intentionally move out of my comfort places, even as my life returns to new normal?

I want to courageously step out in faith to live as Jesus would to those in need … right in my own region.

Will you do the same?



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Elisa Pulliam

Elisa is a trained biblical life coach, mentor, and speaker passionate about equipping women to experience authentic life change for the sake impacting the next generation. She leads More to Be, a ministry committed to raising up mentors and providing resources for tweens, teens, twenty-somethings, and women. Elisa is also the author of Impact My LIfe: Biblical Mentoring Simplified. She considers her first calling as wife to Stephen and mother to her house-full of children. Her favorite days begin on the porch with the Lord and end on the beach with her family and friends. Connect with Elisa at www.elisapulliam.com

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  1. I was wondering what the copyrights were on these beautiful & encouraging images!  What's your policy for-

    1. Posting on FB

    2. Posting on another web site

    3. Using as a Power Point/Media Shout slide for Ladies Retreat

    • Lynn,

      Thank you for asking! I believe Lisa replied to you about her graphics. I also do graphics and would be happy for you to use them with links back to ICDevos or my personal site http://www.allyouhavetogive.com.

      Please feel free to use mine for a ladies retreat.

      Blessings! Lori

  2. May we joyfully follow Him no matter where He leads, and through what trials. Thanks for the great post and for hosting, & God bless!

    • Thanks, Laurie, for joining in and leaving an encouraging word!

  3. eLisa… I am so sorry for you and the millions. My heart aches.

    I'm going through my own kind of loss and not even because of Sandy. But I, too, lost all my MN home to a fire at the same time that this was happening on the east coast. It's surreal… cuz I'm not even there and can only imagine and can't fathom it nor the many in the midst of recovery from Sandy!

    I have followed some of your posts from MORE TO BE and I prayed!

    These words struck me the most and the rest I will have to mull over for awhile including your valiant spirit to press on and shine MORE of HIM…Cuz YOU DO and I just can't… (and I think from your honest words, it's been difficult for you, too) I do not know HOW to accept God's Sovereignity as you have written but I am holding on to Him and His Sovereignity:


    In a time of waiting and experiencing the loss, one comes face to face with meaning of life.

    She discovers that the source of her power wasn't His power.

    She finds out that comfort has defined her life.

    She realizes that suffering gracefully requires a deep, connected relationship with the Savior who suffered most of all.

    Praying that God will change me  to be more like Him too… and " to accept the things I cannot change, the wisdom to know the difference"! I know how God is using you and your blog and words to do this! We do need to reach out to the others as you concluded! Beautifully written, easily said, much more difficult to actually DO!

    But so thankful that WE KNOW the SOURCE of our POWER and can plug into Him when there are so many that DO NOT … this weighs much more heavily upon my heart. For I know, when darkness surrounds us, His light can shine much brighter through us to those wandering in the dark without Him.

    Love and prayers with a BIG HUG,


    • Oh, Peggy.  I am so so so sorry for your loss. I pray full God's fullness to comfort you and ease the pain of this trauma on your life. I pray that you would know the fullness of His peace and presence and purpose in the midst of your pain. Thank you for taking the time to encourage me, in the midst of your own trail. You are such a special woman, dearly loved by God and so many others. Press on to the cross. The journey is messy, but by God's grace it is doable. I will be praying for you!

      • Thank you Elisa!

    • Peggy! Praying for you and your loss…I can’t imagine what you are feeling in the moments, but we are PRAYING for you!! Praying that in this dark season that the LIGHT will shine in ways you can not imagine. You are on our hearts and we are praying HIS love surrounds you completely.

      peace!! ~lori

  4. wow, your line:  "She finds out that comfort has defined her life" resonates with me.  Me too, I said with shame as I fully realize that once again.  Thanks for giving me much to ponder.

    • Jean, thank you for confessing your own struggle, too. I so appreciate your words and the reminder to consider our faith deeply.

  5. Very thought provoking.

    • Thanks Denise for leaving a comment and joining in WFW this week!

  6. Elisa, I'm glad you and your family are safe. I love this devotional. It's amazing how much we can get wrapped up in our own comfort. Thanks for sharing! 

  7. Debra, thanks for join in this week and share a word in the comments, too. Yes, our family is safe by God's mercy.  Thanks for caring!

  8. I thought of you Lisa as I read accounts of the impact of Hurricane Sandy.  My hometown of Lindenhurst, Long Island was also without power. The home I grew up in was flooded after the canal overflowed its banks.  What lessons you learned through it all.  Our power does come from Almighty God.  His Spirit within us is what we need to deal with any disaster or calamity we may face.  I thank you for sharing the lessons you learned.  I too want to become more like Him.  So glad you and your family are trying to get back to a new normal.


    Blessings and love,



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