{Wordfilled Wednesday} Living Hope


Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

It all comes down to Jesus.

And that shocks me!
Yes, even after almost twenty-years of living as a follower of Christ, I still find it shocking that all that we really need is Jesus. It is still so hard to wrap my mind around the fact that apart from Christ, life is empty, meaningless, and simply hopeless, especially when I look around at so many non-Christians who seem to have a life wrapped up in a pretty pink, frilly and bling-bling covered bow.

But what looks so wonderful in the lives around us is really, totally, and absolutely empty. Why else would those of us living in the wealthiest nation battle depression, obesity, debt, and despair.  Money doesn’t buy happiness.  Material things don’t satisfy our soul. Relationships can’t give us the hope we crave.

In Jesus Christ alone, who by His death and resurrection, we find our Living Hope and a remarkable inheritance — one that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for us. Because of God’s great love for us, He gave us His Son as an earthly promise of an eternal gift. It is priceless. A living gift.  Full of hope.  Jesus transcends all things. In Christ, there is no matter given to financial status, social issues, or personal challenges. God is for all, and in Christ, He is our all.

1 Peter 1:3
3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 4 to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you…

I’ve lived life on the other side. I had the blings and bows as a child. It isn’t all it is cracked up to be. It is in the new life found through salvation, that hope is secured and life becomes worth living. The promises of heaven wraps this life with purpose, in a way that no bow could ever accomplish.

Will you share this promise with others today? Will you convey through living out your own faith, what the inheritance of Christ looks likes?  Will you choose, now, that you’ll put your hope in the One who promises eternity?

You know my heart for the next generation, and are well acquainted with their need for Jesus, so will you take an even bolder step of faith and share His message of hope with others?

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Elisa Pulliam

Elisa is a trained biblical life coach, mentor, and speaker passionate about equipping women to experience authentic life change for the sake impacting the next generation. She leads More to Be, a ministry committed to raising up mentors and providing resources for tweens, teens, twenty-somethings, and women. Elisa is also the author of Impact My LIfe: Biblical Mentoring Simplified. She considers her first calling as wife to Stephen and mother to her house-full of children. Her favorite days begin on the porch with the Lord and end on the beach with her family and friends. Connect with Elisa at www.elisapulliam.com

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  1. Amen!!  Clinging to Him is how I get through each day…life abroad is not always easy.

    blessings to you,


    • Keeping clinging to the Lord. He is faithful!  And may this place be a good source of encouragement to you each day!

  2. Enjoyed this.

    • Thank you, Denise, for letting us know!

  3. These words of encouragement remind me of one of my favorite of the not-so-old Christian hymns – "In Christ Alone" – the words in that hymn are such a blessing to sing, including

    "In Christ alone my hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song…Til He returns or calls me home, Here in the power of Christ I stand

    Thank you for another sweet reminder of Christ's power, strength, love, and gifts to us.


    • Love that song, Kaye!  Just worshiped to it with the youth group last night! 

  4. Beautiful, Elisa. My middle name is Hope, so all the "hope" verses sing to my soul 🙂

    • That's so cool, Susan Hope! 


  5. TOTALLY need this reminder. THANKS.

    • Praise be to God, Joanne!

  6. Preach it, Elisa! With Jesus, all things are possible and we are His joint-heirs and ambassadors, destined to rule with Him throughout eternity. Without Him, we can do nothing and remain His enemies, meriting eternal punishment in hell. Thanks for the great post & for hosting the linkup, & God bless!

    • You preach it, too, Laurie! To God be the glory!

  7. So wonderful to read your post today. After 36 years of walking with the Lord–perhaps not as wholeheartedly as I should–I still get tripped up by the non-Christians who have it all.  The bling and the pretty bow. That sure describes what I see with my physical eyes. Thank you for reminding me that it all comes down to Jesus.

  8. Janis – thanks for sharing your thoughts! So glad to have you here!

  9. God knows how stubborn I am. I used to complain a lot. I used to be so negative with life. I keep on telling myself that I am with Jesus yet I often grumbled why I can't feel His presence. But I was totally wrong… Jesus was, is and will always be with me. It's just that I ignore His presence because I was blinded with those things that preoccupied me.



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