{Wordfilled Wednesday} Imitate Christ

As many of you know, I've spent the last few months working on Impact My Life: Biblical Mentoring Simplified, a book written especially to encourage women to step into places of godly influence with courage and confidence.

So many women struggle in believing that they have the ability to speak truth into the lives of those they love — their children, family members, sisters in Christ, neighbors.  They doubt their example and underestimate the way God would like to use them.  Their excuses come about in every form, which is why I tackle those head on in Impact My Life. One of the main excuses is hypocrisy:

The enemy uses the fear of hypocrisy to undermine a woman’s sphere of influence. But God has provided a perfect role model for us to follow as we seek to rebuke the enemy’s lies: Paul was the biggest hypocrite of all time! He went from being a persecutor of Christ’s followers to becoming persecuted for following Christ.

Paul’s life was a mess before his conversion. He was a bold accuser of the followers of Jesus, and persecuted many for their faith. But once the scales on his eyes were removed, and his heart was totally yielded to the Lord, he became a great teacher and example for others. Because of Christ, Paul was equipped and qualified to teach, lead and mentor. His past did not disqualify him. Neither does ours. Paul set for us a model of how to live by seeking out the Savior’s purposes.

In 1 Corinthians 11:1, Paul teaches us to follow his example, because he is following the example of Christ. As mentors, we simply need to do the same. Sometimes, we simply need to step forward, in faith, pursuing mentoring relationships even when our history attempts to declare us unqualified. If the past has been reconciled and redeemed by God, we are perfectly qualified to speak Truth in the lives around us.

~ From Impact My Life, by Elisa Pulliam

I've witnessed the power of God at work in women yielded to His truth and purpose, as they choose to follow Christ disctinctly and pursue mentoring biblically.  That is my hope for you and my prayer for all those who take on the challenge of becoming women of impact.

There is plenty to imitate in this world. Don't you think it would be amazing if the next generation, especially those in your family and church community, would imitate women whose mission is to imitate Christ?

Women like you?

Impact My Life is availalbe on Amazon for Kindle and Print as well as in iBooks and PDF.



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Elisa Pulliam

Elisa is a trained biblical life coach, mentor, and speaker passionate about equipping women to experience authentic life change for the sake impacting the next generation. She leads More to Be, a ministry committed to raising up mentors and providing resources for tweens, teens, twenty-somethings, and women. Elisa is also the author of Impact My LIfe: Biblical Mentoring Simplified. She considers her first calling as wife to Stephen and mother to her house-full of children. Her favorite days begin on the porch with the Lord and end on the beach with her family and friends. Connect with Elisa at www.elisapulliam.com

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  1. Wonder Elisa! Imitating the life of Jesus is challenging in todays "politically (in) correct" world. We do need women to step up to the challenge, stand up for the Word, which is our God – Blessings! 

    • Thank you so much for offering your word of encouragement, Kathleen!

  2. How exciting! Kudos on your book! Have a blessed day!

  3. May those who come behind us find us faithful! Thanks for being such a Godly example, for the great post & for hosting the linkup. God bless!

    • Thanks, Laurie!  I appreciate you joining in today, too!

  4. Lovely.



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