The Words of His Mouth

“Neither have I gone back from the commandment of his lips; I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.”

(Job 23:12, my emphasis)

I have heard the story of Job preached from every angle. Yet, today, closing chapter 23, I find these words so convicting. Have I esteemed the words of His mouth more than my necessary food?

Remembering a time when I couldn’t write fast enough as He spoke to the well within my spirit—a time where I was so full I couldn’t help but overflow—I remember His Word and how I held to it.

I remember how those moments were second nature, not because they were sought out—they just were.

They were because time was sown.

They were because relationship was established.

They are absent because that relationship has become one-sided. Sue Cramer recently posted atweetasking, “Whatisthehardestpartaboutfriendship?” I immediately responded, when it is one-sided. After editing my thoughts, more than once, I deleted my reply. I didn’t want to come across as “that girl” with bitterness in her voice.

I realize, now, I needed to see where I, too, have been one-sided—not just in friendship–but in my relationship with Christ.

I haven’t been a great listener.

I haven’t been available.

I haven’t put His needs above my own.

I haven’t been present.

When I look at the words found in Webster’s definition of relationship, I see binding participants.

They are tied together. They are both actively involved.

They are connected.

They know one another.

How well depends on the time and quality—the investment in the relationship. Today this can mean we meet someone through our personal writing and establish a connection through like belief, personal truth, other friends, or something that stood out and made us want to hear more from one another. Maybe we visit each other’s site, share a few comments, begin a conversation, and establish an even closer bond.  We become friends rather than acquaintances; we begin to sow into each other’s lives, etc. Sometimes online relationships can feel like that of Christ where one is unseen.

We comment.

We tweet.

We share.

No response.

It looks one-sided.

We give up. We move on. We stop commenting. But Christ, He keeps sharing. He remains present. Whether seen or unseen—truly known or unknown—He stays connected.

When we stop investing, He tries that much harder to reach us. Whether we read His Word and so esteem it more than our necessary food, whether we dismiss Him for that early morning coffee and catching up with our online friends, whether we drop by after we’ve finished everything else we deemed more important, whether we’ve treated Him like an afterthought—He is there.

Whether we cry out in that moment of need, alone, He remains bound to us—connected with us. He is an active participant in our lives, more than our necessary food. His Word—as Job so testified—is present in the darkest places where we seemingly have no direction. Perhaps the very veil covering our eyes is our own will. Perhaps it’s our complacency. Perhaps it has simply become a habit. This is what we’re used to. This is our normal. Instead of seeking Him first, we seek our friendship. Instead of giving Him our time, we’ve opted for something less intrusive. We write. We lean on what we’re saying to Him rather than what he is saying to us.

Should we ever set Him aside?

Should we ever make Him feel unwelcome, uninvited?

Today I am inviting Him back in. He is seated at the head of my table—because His words are more than my necessary food. Today He’s doing the talking, and I hear Him, once again, redirecting my focus. “After it a voice roareth: he thundereth with the voice of his excellency; and he will not stay them when his voice is heard” (Job 37:4, KJV).  . . . with no trumpet sound, just quiet leading




Ginger Wade is wife to her wonderful husband, Jerry, and mother of their two crazy teen boys Gordon and Jordon. She is a home-school mom who loves to encourage the lives of others while growing in the Lord together. She has a heart for ministry and hopes to raise two strong men who will rear their families in the direction of the Lord. Her ultimate desire is to impart His love and compassion as she has so graciously received (Luke 7:47, AMP).

Her greatest accomplishment is her family—her husband, her boys, and all that they are and aspire to become. Though her writing is sometimes more serious than others, she is never without her favorite cup of coffee, a whole lot of chocolate, and much window-shopping on Pinterest.

You can find Ginger journaling her thoughts and His Word through her blog or connect through Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.



  1. Lori, 

    Thank you so much for sharing my post today. I hope it reaches the hearts of many.


  2. Bless you as you bless others.

  3. Ginger, when I was on the medical mission this summer, I met the most wonderful young lady optometrist from Monterrey Mexico, and she shared a daily website that was changing her life. She told me to subscribe to Internet Cafe Devotions. So I did back in late July. Imagine my delight this morning, as I'm reading this fanstastic article, enjoying it immensely, and get to the bottom and it's your picture and bio! Way to go girl. This post is excellent. You really blessed me today, thank you!

    • Haha! Only God. I love these devos and wanted to share something that would reach women in a way that we can all relate to on a personal level. 

      Thank you Audra.

  4. These words struck me, and then they moved me. I spend far more time listening to the sound of my own voice, than the sounds of my friends' voices, and I spend more time petitioning than I do listening to Christ. Thank you, for this nurturing post.

  5. Thank you Theresa, I am so glad to hear from someone who knows where I am coming from. 

  6. Words spoken deeply to my heart . . . great post.


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