Hebrews 11:1

I love the way the NIV words this verse ~ it just really brings to light how much we need faith.

This is probably somewhat of an oxymoron, but follow me for a moment if you will.  If you look closely at this picture you can see all the deer prancing in the field ~ there was at least a dozen or so around at the time.   Driving this dirt road I am familar with where the deer like to be and am cautiously checking the ditches when I drive ~ But

1). That skill took me many years to learn  how to be careful watch for and not  “hit” the deer when we’re driving at dusk around here as they blend perfectly into the surroundings.

2.) The average person can not and does not notice these things – I laugh as I write this thinking of the international student who is currently staying with us and how she yells “wow” when I point a coyote, deer, skunk, fox or other animal in the field ~ she doesn’t see any of them – she is unpracticed.

This reminds me so much of faith and the verse I choose above- Faith is a lot like that ~ we can’t always see how God is working around us BUT when we concentrate we know HE is here and is actively working in our lives.   I think if we are careful and keep our eyes wide open we adjust our sight (like you need to when you live in the country or say night drive) and see these “unseen” creatures we become more aware and realize just how much we’ve missed – just like we would miss if we don’t rely on Christ.

Okay, not sure if I’ve made sense, but hope I have!


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  1. Blessings Amydeanne… I get it! And I think it works perfectly! Faith!!! Beautiful choice and wonderful WFW! I love your analogy! Thanks for building our faith! You have plenty going on…but thanks for responding to the question in the #4 Caroling Devo… I thought you came for an early peek at my WFW and you went to the one before… Holding on to FAITH, HOPE and LOVE, Peggy

  2. Your photograph is a lovely illustration of that verse. I was just reading through Hebrews chapter 11 (yesterday in fact!) and was in awe of the examples of faith…how we read of their faith is knowing what happened in the end, but that is not how they lived it…nor should we, though we are blessed to know parts of the end with Jesus’ second coming.

  3. Amydeanne, beautiful photo and very insightful words you shared. Makes me think of my sister who often points out to me the God moments, I tend to overlook at times.

  4. Perfect sense! And perfect illustration – a great one to share with my grandkids, too, as they occasionally see deer where they live. Thank you for such a lovely day-brightener to start my day!

  5. Beautiful!!! I’ve saved this as my desktop!! And I tried my hand at a WFW too!! What a great way to dress up a favorite photo!!!!

  6. Beautiful, Amydeanne, and thanks for sharing those thoughts.


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