Christmas Wasn’t Meant to be Perfect

This time of year can be crazy, busy, hectic and just maddening. If we let it.

We may not be able to stop the wildness at the mall or the wacky commercials that haunt us…like the scary lady in red at that one store that I dearly love and can’t stay away from no matter how much she bothers me.

I get the most stressed when I lose sight of the reason for the season and I get worked up about making things perfect. Things will never be perfect, but if I strive for the perfect meal and the perfect gift, they are going to be busy and stressful. For goodness sake, I can get stressed just trying to tie the perfect bow!

None of these things are what’s really important this time of year.The Father showed us exactly what was important about the season through the birth of Christ.


It certainly wasn’t perfection.
A young unmarried girl gets pregnant.
Her fiancé prepares to put her away quietly.
There is no room at the Inn.

Picture the city of David, it was filled with people because of the census. There was hustle and bustle but no room at the Inn. No room for a Savior.

Compare that to our lives today.

There is plenty of hustle and bustle. Busy lives, crossing paths but never connecting. And most importantly, no room for a Savior.

Why do we do it ladies?

Why do we let ourselves get burdened down with a weight that God never intended us to carry?

That baby in a manger grew up to be a man with a purpose.

Jesus said in John 14:27:

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give.” NLT

That was the purpose for His sandaled feet on dirt roads. To leave us a gift, a gift that this world and all its promises fails to deliver.

This Christmas, receive the gift. Unwrap the peace that Jesus moved heaven and earth to give us.
There is only one way to get this gift, it comes through a relationship with Jesus. The relationship of a child crawling into the ready arms of a loving Father.

Enjoy the holiday; decorate, bake, buy gifts to share, but don’t get so caught up in the pressure to make it all perfect that you forget the gift that God has for you and your family.


Sue Cramer

Founder of Praise and Coffee ministry and Magazine. A wife, mom, girlfriend and coffee drinker who loves the Lord.

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  1. Great reminder to slow down and remember the true reason for the season!

  2. So true and such a good reminder.

  3. I needed this reminder! Off to my prayer time this morning! Hugs! Patsy from HeARTworks

  4. Well said Sue! I’ve let myself get caught up this year. Tonight my family and I will sit around the tree and remember what’s most important. 🙂

  5. Such a great reminder! Thank you Sue! Have a wonderful holiday.

  6. Peace, wonderful peace.

  7. Lovely message. Thank you for it. I’m settling down for my evening peace now, tea in hand, and it was so nice to start it with your good reminder of the reason for the season. Merry Christmas.


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