WFW – We Have All Received


From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.

john 1:16 niv

I look at all the little people in my life – my own children and my nieces and nephews and all the little friends that seem to come along for the ride and think how blessed I am by God. He has given me meaning and shown me so much through these people. How has God blessed you?


Welcome to WFW!

There are very few rules, in fact the beauty of this ministry is the creative expression that God reveals Himself thorough. We marvel at the creativity that participants post with this meme. We encourage the ” post behind the picture,” or the reflections that many of the participants share. We ask that non-biblical resources not be used.

WFW is not about books, authors, artists.. it’s about God and HIS WORD ONLY. WFW is about celebrating the gift of creativity through God’s Word.

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A sinner saved by the grace of a merciful God who loves me and you so very much. When not found @ ICDevo's you'll find her reading books, writing quotes, or creating graphics for her blog @ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ {{{Let your light shine before men so they may see your good works and priase your father in heaven. Matt. 5:16}}}

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  1. Love your sweet WFW !

  2. Yes, how many blessings we each enjoy every day – God is so gracious to each of us! Your photo looks like a lovely walk through autumn woods – a great place to see God’s beautiful creation.

  3. Blessings Amydeanne,

    A beautiful fall family photo of many blessings! Indeed “from the FULLNESS of His Grace, we have all received one blessing after another.” Excellent way to get us ready for THANKING HIM every day and especially for the upcoming month of November… count our blessings one by one. I would agree with your blessings of all the little people… but for today, my greatest blessing has been sweet sista’s in Christ, that have come along side me here in blog land… for prayers and their support, that I made a safe trip home & back, though it was full of not so many blessings but problems, I am seeing each one as a blessing because each trial and tribulation could be seen as showing me
    how blessed I am that HE PROTECTS ME! (Is that you in the front of this walk, leading the crew?…that could be very prophetic, ya’ know?) Beautiful WORD!
    Thanks… and love,
    (I’m gonna dupe this one over at your home base)

  4. Ohhh and I like this LINKY, which one is it? I “liked” many of them as the ones I visit, great idea to click LIKE!

  5. Love this verse and your faithfulness to Wordfilled Wednesdays. Thanks for the opportunity to participate again, after a long time away!

  6. What a great verse and a beautiful sentiment. Love the picture.

  7. I recently read, “what if all you woke up with today was what you thanked God for yesterday.” Stopped me in my tracks…all those blessings we take for granted…
    LOVE this image…every part of it. perfectly perfect!



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