God’s To-Do List

I like order. I like my house to be clean. I like everything in its place! It makes me feel “in control.”

Over the years I have been learning that it is not necessarily a bad thing if everything is not in order all the time. That sometimes people call, drop by, or have a need. Sometimes things get left undone and God allows interruptions to enter our lives.  His plan is much better than mine, even if it means my bed doesn’t get made occasionally, or there are a few dishes in the sink!

Serving God by serving others is more important. It’s okay if my floor is a little bit dirty if it shows that there have been a lot of people in my house that day. If my laundry doesn’t get folded right away but I’ve spent an afternoon talking with students and drinking hot chocolate, I’ve done what is more important at the time. It’s okay!

Recently my husband I were talking and he asked “So, what did you get accomplished today?” I said, “I feel like I got absolutely NOTHING done today but get myself together!” I was feeling defeated. Then God started to flood my mind with the things I had done that day. HE reminded me of HIS “to do” list and what HE had for me to do that day.


  • Pray through the contact list on my cell phone and then text those I prayed for and let them know I  prayed for them.
  • Text some key scripture verses to those that I know are discouraged.
  • Take a walk with my husband.
  • Pick up lunch at McDonald’s for an adopted family member.
  • Sit down with my daughter and remind her that she will live through her college years.
  • Run to the grocery store so my family won’t starve!
  • Make hot chocolate for students that drop by in between classes.
  • Feed dinner to my family and a few students.
  • Finish cleaning up the dishes from having company all week.
  • Sit down and ask my husband about his day.
  • Text a struggling friend and see if they need anything.

I am learning that when I allow God to write my to do list, the other important things really do end up getting done as well. It just may not always happen the way I originally thought it would. And that is okay. In fact…it’s more than okay. It’s the way it should be. I would rather people remember that I allowed God to make my to do list. That it didn’t matter if my house wasn’t perfect. That serving and loving God, by serving and loving others, was the most important thing.

And that was what glorified Him most.



  1. You make excellent points on the ‘to do list’. I’ve been a big advocate of ‘do it now’ which inevitably lead to prioritizing in a ‘to do list’. I’m very conscious that its been MY ‘to do list’ and you’re comments brought me up short to have a rethink. (that will have to go on my to do list of course.

  2. As a chronic list maker, this was valuable for me to read. Thank you!

  3. God’s list is better than anything we put together. Great post!

  4. Thank you for this inspiring post.

  5. Loved this post! Thank you
    Just recently shared on our blog that I was convicted by reading how Joshua “did not ask counsel from the Lord ” (Joshua 9:14)and that led to a huge mistake.
    I want to do the next right thing–
    But to take the time to ask God–what “next right thing” He wants me to do.

  6. Little things that mean a lot, throughout the day. Every now and then big things, but it seems mostly little things. They’re little like seeds but they grow so big! Your list is like those little seeds that grow so big! What a beautiful reminder you wrote to put my day in perspective!


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