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There’s just something about the leaves changing, pumpkin pies baking, apple cider simmering, and the cool breeze blowing that causes me to take a deep breath and relax this time of year.  Maybe it’s the fresh air blowing through my house or the warm apple pie candles burning. Maybe it’s the deer I can see forging in the back yard looking for those last blades of green grass before winter is upon us. Maybe it’s the sound of my kids tumbling in piles of red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves. Maybe it’s the fact that I can sit outside with my Bible and a good cup of pumpkin spice coffee and not sweat to death. Maybe…

Breathing in deeply. Exhaling slowly. Watching as one…two…three leaves fall from the tops of the trees to the ground beneath.


A beautiful time of year. A myriad of colors. A myriad of activities. A myriad of reflections.


A time to fall into Jesus and reflect on all that He has done in your life. A time to fall in love with Him all over again. A time to fall into His arms and allow Him to hug you tightly.

We here at the cafe want to help you during this glorious season to fall into Jesus and experience His love like never before. How, you ask, are we going to do this? Oh, my friends…we have some fabulous blessings in store for you. From clothing, to jewelry, to books, to movies, to music, we have treasures galore that will help you to fall into your sweet Jesus more.

This year our “Fall into Jesus” giveaway is a BLESSING indeed! We want to personally thank the artists and authors who have generously offered their heart and life’s work to us! Don’t forget to show them the love! They are each using the gifts that the Lord has abundantly blessed them with to make a difference in the Kingdom! We can’t thank them enough!

We’ve got 2 giveaway bundles to share this season! You’ll see them below! They are each an expression of creativity and passion for the Lord! Explore them and simply leave a comment, share it, tweet it, and/or Facebook it and you’ll be eligible to win! The contest will begin today and on October 29th we’ll announce the winners! Spread the word! Share the love!

This bundle has a little bit of everything to help you Fall into Jesus this season! Some jewelery, a good book, a Bible Study perfect for those cool November days and of course we’ve got some incredible music to praise Him with!

A beautiful necklace and magnetic stone from This Word’s For You.

This Word’s For You is a unique way to wear and claim your favorite verse. Simin is offering a one of a kind Scripture necklace as well as a Scripture magnet. There is no better way to hold the Word close than to read

it daily! These little goodies will help you do just that this season!

Here you will find jewelry that keeps the Word close to your heart, beautiful stone magnets that can be placed on metal surfaces, and bookmarks to hold your page in your favorite book until your next visit.

The book, I Dare You to Change, by Pastor Bil Cornelius.

Most of us, when we’re being honest, occasionally ask ourselves, “Why can’t I ever get ahead?” or “Why do I always have to settle for less than I planned?” pastor Bil Cornelius firmly believes that people want to do better, get better, and live better. But we often have trouble sustaining a high level of peace and fulfillment. In this inspiring and Biblically-oriented book, Cornelius explains in his trademark accessible style how to live the life God has planned for you. God’s calling for us is perfect and complete. In this book, Cornelius shows the difference between dreaming of a better life and living it. Using the story of Gideon in the book of Judges, readers will find out how to re-imagine life, understand the daily steps necessary to realize your dream, get a new attitude, gather the right people, be expectant for the changes that will come, and celebrate the new victories. If you know God has called you to more-more fulfillment, more peace, more satisfying relationships, more success-then let I Dare You to Change! take you from dreaming to reality.

A copy of Shake the Nation’s debut album.

“With recording wrapped up in mid-July, Shake the Nation’s debut album is set to be released on Dream/Universal Records on October 26, 2010. Along with Marquez on vocals, the band is rounded out by guitarists Sal Romeros and Aaron Hernandez, bass player Isai Lugo, keyboardist Phillip Borden, and BAF Executive Pastor Paul Schulz on drums.

The band chose the name “Shake the Nation” after the lyrics of the single “The Anthem.” Like Mark, each member of the band has a life change story about what God has done in his life through the ministry of BAF and they each want to “tell the world about what we’ve found” in Christ—salvation and life transformation!”

Our second bundle is AWESOME! It’s a fall festival of things to help you “fall into Jesus!” Something to wear, something to watch and something to read as the nights get chilly!

Wild Olive Tees are a collaboration of women, all regular moms, who are united by a passion for God and His Word. We are all, indeed, remarkable in that we are His creation, but that being said, you’d be hard pressed to pick any of us out of a crowd. God brought together three ordinary women to fulfill His purpose: to bring Him glory. And how much more glorified is He when He uses unremarkable people to do remarkable things for Him and His kingdom.

These ladies are amazing and have been “falling” for Jesus and sharing the love for quite some time now!

They are generously giving away a gift certificate for a brand new tee! Visit their blog here.

A DVD of the movie “Ragman” by director Dale Ward.

A strange site, like nothing Will had ever seen. Even before the dawn one Friday morning he noticed a young man, handsome and strong, walking in the alleys of the City. He was pulling an old cart filled with clothes both bright and new, and he was calling in a clear, tenor voice: ‘Rags!’ (Ah, the air was foul and the first light filthy to be crossed by such sweet music.) ‘Rags! New rags for old! I take your tired rags! Rags!’

Emmy award-winning director Dale Ward’s adaptation of  National Book Award recipient Walter Wangerin Jr.’s classic short story of unconditional love and self-sacrifice.

The novel, American Midnight, by Brandon Barr and Mike Lynch

“Tania Peters had it all-a loving, supportive family, and a future that seemed all but set. But when her mother is killed in a plane crash in the jungles of Ecuador, her world comes crashing down around her. As a result, she adopts a live for today philosophy. Throwing herself into the arms of her boyfriend, Tania seeks all that society says will bring satisfaction and meaning into her life. But she soon realizes this is a lie, and begins to fall under the spell of the Unity Party, a political movement that has swept Robert Allen into the White House. But such allegiances come at a price: complete and unquestioned loyalty to the Party. Despite all the “good” the Party does for society, Tania’s devotion to the movement is pushed to the limit when her own father, the Pastor of the Calvary Community Church, is arrested and jailed when he refuses to compromise his religious beliefs. Forced to decide between her past and her future, Tania rediscovers the faith she has long since abandoned, even though such a decision could cost everything she holds dear, including her life.”

The novel, Thicker than Blood, by C.J. Darlington.

“Christy Williams never imagined that a stolen Hemingway first edition would lead her back to the sister she left fifteen years ago. But when things begin to unravel, she finds herself on May’s doorstep, fearing for her life. Will the two discover that some hurts can’t be healed or is there a tie that’s thicker than blood?”

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“Fall” Into Jesus Giveaway runs from today, October 25, 2010 through Thursday, October 28, 2010. Two winners will be selected at random and announced on Friday, October 29, 2010.

Happy Fall Y’all!!!


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Jenifer Jernigan

Jenifer Jernigan is a wife and mom of 3 whose deepest longing is to please Jesus, only Jesus. Growing up as the daughter of a pastor, she knew church but she didn’t know Jesus. After years of rebellion and heartache, Jenifer found freedom and healing through God’s Word. Now, as founder of Diving Deeper Ministries, her passion is to equip others to d.i.v.e. (define~investigate~visualize~embrace) head first into God's Word so that they, too, can experience freedom and abundant living. Her first book Dive Deeper: Finding Deep Faith Beyond Shallow Religion is part of Thomas Nelson’s Inscribed Studies collection. Join Jenifer at www.jeniferjernigan.com.

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