Taste God’s Good

My daughter is now 15 months old, and it seems that the third child grows way too quickly. She now says several words. One of her favorite words to say is “food.” Whatever I give her – oatmeal, a sandwich,chicken or a cookie – she calls it food.

I wanted to start distinguishing each food item, but I could tell that the advancement in communication would be too much for her. She just caught onto what “food” means, and I wouldn’t want to confuse her. Food is the stuff that she puts in her mouth when her tummy rumbles. That’s all she needs to know right now.

While watching my daughter eat, I thought of verse, “Taste and see that the LORD is good” (Psalm 34.8a NIV).There are so many goodnesses of God, and many times I never bother to distinguish them. I just call every aspect of His awesome character “good.” However, I do want to start recognizing the many qualities of His divine nature. I want to understand the taste of each blessing.

If God forgives me for a wrong that I continually commit, I want to claim His mercy. If God reveals something beautiful through me, I want to claim His glory. If God does the impossible in my life, I want to claim His grace. And if God redeems a wrong that has been forced on me, I want to claim His justice.

God does so many good things for me and through me every day, and I want to passionately point out each one and name it. I think if I can start recognizing the many flavors of His goodness, I will learn more about how amazing our God is. I want to taste each blessing and savor each flavor.

I desire to become a spiritual food connoisseur for God. How about you? What has God tasted like lately? Can you distinguish the many flavors of His goodness?

“Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good” (1 Peter 2.2-3 NIV).

Alisa Hope Wagner

Alisa Hope Wagner is aggressive about leading a simple life. She enjoys working out, reading, writing and communicating God’s love and truth. She married her high school sweetheart, and together they enjoy raising their children in a Christ-centered home. Though an introvert by nature, Alisa easily expresses herself through social media, especially on her blog. She has earned her B.A. Degree in English and her M.S. Degree in Applied English Linguistics, and she volunteered in women’s ministry leadership and life group ministry for her church. She trained in Mixed Martial Arts and won her bout by TKO! She has written her debut novel, Eve of Awakening, and has started the sequel, Bear Into Redemption.

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  1. He is delicious to my heart and soul.

  2. Love your post. It makes me all the most hungry for that which only He can satisfy.
    “the taste of mercy, glory, grace, justice and oh His love.”

  3. Love the post! I want to be showing to others…that He tastes…sooo good!! Thanks for sharing! Feel free to stop by my blog, love love love to have you along, join me? blessings!

  4. Me too! Like the comparison. 🙂

  5. Fruits of the Spirit! By trying to follow all of these charactaristics we “taste” what he’s like!

  6. What a great reminder – and super analogy I’m gonna remember! Thanks for this!

  7. He’s tasted like a refreshing drink after the hottest of days…
    Love this post. Thanks for sharing

  8. “I want to taste each blessing and savor each flavor.”…AMEN…me, too!

  9. I think if we all knew what we hungered for more in life we might find ourselves on the right path to walk with God. There are more ways to feel our tummies than with “food”. Love the writings as always Alisa!!

  10. Love this analogy! And I love how kids “get into” their food. I want to be like that!


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