Maddie MacMath

IMG_3890Maddie is a twenty-something lover of Jesus.

His grace sustains her, His love covers her, and His calling drives her. If she don’t get to talk to you this side of heaven, she hopes y’all can find a Heaven-sized Starbucks and swap Jesus stories. She fail daily at upholding her end of the relationship with the Heavenly Bridegroom, but His grace sustains her. And that is such good news. So good that Maddie wants to spend the rest of my life sharing it. In America or overseas, she wants to love Him and share His love for a His people.

It’s a whole big mess covered by a whole lotta grace. But she wouldn’t want it any other way, because it is in her lack of strength that she relies on His voice, His joy, His peace. It is despite all her many shortcomings, Jesus loves is so infinitely greater. How can that not be the best news in the whole world? How can we not share that story?

She’s a fan of nicknames and mocha lattes and romantic movies that are too cheesy for her own good. She reads epilogues first but loves surprises. She has terrible taste in music, but will listen to whatever you put on. She adores flowers and sunshine and never having to wear shoes. She grew up in the South but her parents are from the North, so it all pretty much cancels out. She’s an INFP, if you care about that sort of thing. She cries when she’s happy and sad and scared, which basically means all the time. She’s easy-going and can’t stand when there is a lack of harmony. She also can’t stand loud noises. She could eat ice cream forever. She used to like airports, until she realized that she has a knack for overpacking and suitcases are heavy. She cares about the way things smell and feel, which gets her into trouble when making important decisions. She also has a tendency for overthinking. She’s an introvert by nature, but loves people. If laughing could be a favorite pastime, it would be hers. She likes the outdoors when there aren’t a lot of bugs. She loves writing. And she REALLY loves Jesus. Because, at the end of the day, He loved her first and when she didn’t deserve it. That’s the story she shares. 

Maddie MacMath

Maddie is a 20-something lover of Jesus, journaling, nicknames, coffee, chocolate, listening, roses, and hugs. Journeying towards less Maddie and more Jesus, her life is really a big mess covered by infinitely more grace. She writes more about the wisdom and beauty of the ordinary over at Sweet Tea and Me.

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  1. boyying:Tsk… I could change it to IrA. By the way, have you filed your taxes yet?Since you asked,I shall humour you. &#&2#0;IrCTP828221; stands for “I remember Chia Thye Poh”. Go check wikipedia if you don’t know who Mr. Chia is.


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