Weekend Wrap•Up

The weekend. Exhale. Enjoy everything you missed, all in one place.   Living in the Tension Stephanie McCandless   Don't Waste the Wait Maria Morgan   Why Am I Doing What I'm Doing Maddie Macmath   Beating the Pains of the Past Kelly Balarie   Harvesting Quietness Aimee Serafin

Harvesting Quietness

One day last month, I found myself chuckling during a moment of self-awareness in front of the kitchen sink. As I sipped some morning coffee, the prayerful chattering of my mind was in full gear, even though my body struggled to wake up fully. My thoughts were already in communication with the Lord before my […]

Beating the Pains of the Past

When I was in 3rd grade, I was so self-conscious.  I don't know what it was.  Maybe it just the weird stage between girl and woman. Maybe it was because my frizzy hair was too big to go unnoticed.  Maybe it was because my reading skills were lackluster. It's hard to pinpoint the exact reason. But, […]

Why am I Doing What I’m Doing?

At the beginning of the summer, I had a reflection due on Henri Nouwen's book In the Name of Jesus, in preparation for my summer internship (stop reading this and go buy that book right now!). Due to a lack of awareness about the deadline and an overwhelming amount of other work on my plate, I […]

Don’t Waste the Wait

Waiting isn’t a popular pastime. In a society of fast-this and fast-that, it’s easy to expect everything immediately. Waiting is often thought of as a time when you’re doing nothing while expecting something to happen. Although there are plenty of times when I get impatient, I’ve also learned that waiting can be a magnificent opportunity […]

Living in the Tension

Tension:  The state of being stretched tight or mental or emotional strain. That definition sums up what I feel about my life most days; a constant state of being stretched beyond what I feel like is humanly possible. As a wife, I live in the tension of being the best spouse possible by meeting my […]

Weekend Wrap•Up

Kick back, take a break from all the political chatter and BE ENCOURAGED! All the devos from the week, in ONE place!   Shower the People You Love with Love Kris Williams   Driving Force Summer Pendley   Stinkin' Thinkin' Leah Adams   Be Quiet, My Big, Fat Mouth Nanette Elkins   How to Draw […]

How to Draw Strength From Christ

When we're at our weakest, when it feels as if our knees will buckle, God's strength is seen most clearly in us. (2 Cor. 12:19) Or at least, that's what we say, but how does that work, exactly? We know Christ is living inside us (1 Cor. 3:16), that He empowers us by His Holy […]

Be quiet, my big, fat mouth

It happened again: a wonderful opportunity for me to say what I felt. What I really WANTED to say, what was boiling up inside of me. It even NEEDED to be said — or so I thought. We have all been in similar situations: someone, your equal, whether on the job, in the family, the […]

Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Today I want to share a bit of what God is doing in my own heart in hopes that it will resonate in your heart. I am only sharing ‘a bit’ because I’m pretty sure that God is nowhere near finished with this particular work. If you have walked with Jesus more than a pair […]

Driving Force

In a few shorts months, we’ll have new neighbors next door. The constant knocking and sounds of heavy machinery are proof of that. Even now, as I type away, there’s demolition and reshaping of the land within feet of our front door…mounds of heavy dirt and boulders building up a boundary next to a new […]

“Shower the People You Love With Love”

Last month I wrote about Tyler, who was killed in a car accident in August. We buried him on a Monday. On Tuesday, a childhood friend took his own life. On Wednesday, my friend Jane lost her battle with congestive heart failure. That was a hard week. My heart still hurts. My heart hurts because Tyler […]

Weekend Wrap•Up

It's been a week. We pray you'll find some comfort here.   Spiritual Sprinkler System Alisa Hope Wagner   The Difference Between US and THEM Susan Lawrence   Stuck IN A RUT? Pray With Me. Kelly Stanley   Are YOU Able to Say NO? Michelle Discavage   From the Steeples to the Streets Anne Dahlhauser

From the steeples to the streets

We started life at Seneca Center with hearts full of passion and the best of intentions. Life here is one of the most beautiful things that has happened to Jay and me and to our kids. It’s the most right thing in our messed up world, I suppose. Yet, I guess it doesn’t look that […]

Are you able to say no?

No. It is a simple word. Two letters, one syllable. Why do so many women have a problem saying it? Even when they are tired, even when there are more pressing matters, women seem to struggle in responding with, “no.” Why do we think our answer should always be “yes”? I wonder, do we have […]

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