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“Run Them In”


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Every once in awhile something just stays with you.

THIS is one of those things.

My son’s football career lasted all of 1 season. It simply wasn’t his jam. He liked it, sort of, but at 10 years old, his football career had begun and ended and it was on to the next thing, but in that time, something happened that has remained with me; something profound.

Each evening, in the sweltering Georgia heat, the boys would begin practice by running their usual mile lap around the complex. Now, some of these boys were naturally faster than others, and they took off like Forrest Gump. Others, not so much. They lagged behind. Way behind. Running laps just wasn’t their gift.

Those who ran effortlessly danced across the finish line,  squirted themselves a drink of water, and were anxiously ready for what came next.

What came next was a life lesson for those who were watching. 

Boys!” an unlikely coach’s Friday Night Lights, gruff, deep voice bellowed. “If you’ve finished, then I need some of you to go out there to your teammates and run them in



YOU go out there and meet them where they are and encourage them!”

From that command, a group of four began running in the opposite direction. They ran to meet those who lagged behind. They went to encourage.

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had…

Romans 15:5

I watched as those burly linebackers, fullbacks and centers eventually crossed the finish line. They were not alone. They had others on the journey with them to encourage them. This hormonal mom welled up then and she still does now.

When was the last time you went back to encourage someone else on the journey?

When was the last time you “ran someone in?”

We’re all in this game of life together.

In this selfish, “get to the finish line first” world we live in, we often forget those who lag behind. We forget to notice the ones left in the dust.  And yet, we know the race is much more easily run and finished with someone by your side encouraging you along the way. Look, we ALL have seasons where the race is run effortlessly and as we all know, there are seasons where the race feels ALL uphill and lonely.

We all need someone, at some point…

Someone to “run you in.

Turn around.  Glance back. There IS someone in your life who needs someone to meet them “where they are.” They need someone to run them in.

Be that someone.

“Run Them In”

  Every once in awhile something just stays with you. THIS is one of those things. My son’s football career lasted all of 1 season. It simply wasn’t his jam. He liked it, sort of, but at 10 years old, his football career had begun and ended and it was on to the next thing, […]

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