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Weekend Wrap•Up

In case you missed a beat this week! Everything in one place. Jesus in the Margins – Stephanie McCandless   A New Lens for Relationships – Melissa Mashburn   Echoes of Eden, and the Case for Perfectionism – Aimee Serafin   PLEASE Ladies… – Lori Macmath   Turning What We Think About Submission RIGHT SIDE […]

Turning What We Think About Submission Right Side Up, Part 1

Submission has become one of those words (and concept) we’d rather avoid. It brings up stories and experiences of mistreatment, disrespect, and abuse of power. The concept has been hijacked by authority who have only their own interests in mind and want everyone else to do it “my way.” We live in a culture and […]

PLEASE Ladies…

It’s only a brief mention. But it’s a brief mention in The Bible. Certainly not the mention they hoped for. Euodia and Syntyche. If they were here today, I’m sure that they would at least quietly mention that “all the work we did, and he mentions THIS!” They are considered ministry partners to Paul, who […]

Echoes of Eden, and the Case of Perfectionism

  Sometimes I find myself partnering with perfectionism to restore my belief that I am strong, independent, and loved. When I complete a task with every detail in place, it makes me feel fully competent. This feeling of competency saddles up next to my personal worth and I take it as an indication of how […]

A New Lens For Relationships

True encouragement can’t take place in isolation.” Matt Mashburn   A people person who pulls away from people. A person who has been hurt, wronged, and wounded by others’ actions or words. A person who would like hide in a cave away from everyone. What do all these things have in common? They are all […]

Jesus In The Margins

In Matthew 25 Jesus says, “As you have done to the least of these, you have done unto me.” He specifically calls out those who are sick, in prison, hungry, thirsty, naked, the stranger in the land, and so on. He was talking about those people that live in the margins of society. The margins […]

Weekend Wrap•Up

Just in case you missed something this week. We’ve got it all here in ONE place. When My Ugly is Showing – Susan Aken   Hope that Satisfies – Maria Morgan   A Wednesday Morning (or any morning) Prayer – Maddie Macmath   When I Just Can’t – Jami Amerine    When Supposing CAN Get You […]

When Supposing Can Get You INTO Trouble!

“And the keeper of the prison, awaking from sleep and seeing the prison doors open, supposing the prisoners had fled, drew his sword and was about to kill himself. But Paul called with a loud voice, saying, ‘Do yourself no harm, for we are all here.’” Acts 16:27, 28 Paul and Silas were two apostles called […]

When I Just Can’t…

Things I said I could never do, I have done. I have done them for the love and safety of the least of these. I think I cannot face the next step, the next tragedy or the next malady, and I simply add “Jesus..” in front of the “I can’t.”

“Jesus, I can’t..”

A Wednesday Morning Prayer

Here’s why I love written prayers, poems, and stories: they often use words to explain the thoughts and emotions that we may not be able to fully articulate. As a visual, emotional, internal processor, putting how I’m doing or what I’m feeling into words is often a challenge. It’s not uncommon for me to voice something days or weeks after […]

Hope that Satisfies

Hope. It’s a short word packed with promise – an expectation that something desirable will happen. Safe to say, with the deadline to file taxes just past, the hope for a refund may be gone. All humor aside, I have to admit I’ve put my hope in a lot of things only to end up […]

When My Ugly Is Showing

My selfish attitude slapped me in the face. I was in a situation where I realized my attitude was ugly, stingy and self-focused. And this was concerning my eighty-six year old mother! Wow, way to go self. As I thought back over the choices I’d made throughout the day I realized how self-focused I’d been. […]

Weekend Wrap•Up

Take some time and catch up on what you missed this week! It’s all in one place. Be encouraged. Riding the Struggle Bus – Sarah Jefferson     When Things Don’t Turn Out as Planned – Patricia Holbrook     How We Sell-Out and Keep Doing It – Kelly Balarie     Prayer for the […]

Your Spouse is NOT Your Enemy

As an engaged couple, we committed to attending a FamilyLife Marriage conference. We wanted to avoid any pitfalls that might come our way, and for my husband, this was his second marriage. I brought my own baggage into the marriage. We learned principles that gave us a great foundation. One of the things we learned […]

Prayer for the Hopeful

Hope—such a beautiful thing. It’s the perfect take-away as we leave the Easter season behind, because everything that happened in the crucifixion—all the pain and injustice and sorrow and mockery and loss—all of it gave way to hope. We’ve messed up. We’ve failed. Lost. Hurt. Been broken. But we have Jesus, and He gives us a fresh start. Thank […]

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