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Beyond the Pruning

A couple years ago, my mom gave me a Christmas cactus. It’s the only cactus I’ve managed not to kill—probably because I forget to water my houseplants these days. The poor thing got dry enough that it dropped some of its pieces.

When the first one fell, I called Mom. Turns out the Christmas Cactus is one of those plants you can just poke in the ground and it will do its thing. So I pulled an empty pot out of the closet, scooped a hole in the dirt, tucked that piece of cactus in and set it on my window sill.

I noticed a cool thing happening. On the older plant, where the segment fell from, two new segments were growing. And the new plant on the windowsill? From that one piece, two buds sprouted and grew. And grew. And grew.

Now, as pieces fall or or get broken off, I plunk them into the pot on my windowsill and enjoy the show. Pruned and transplanted.

It’s a reminder to me of how God prunes us. Sometimes He prunes something from us and transplants it to someone else’s life, where that something grows and flourishes. I’ll be honest. The pruning hurts and seeing something taken from me and given to someone else can sting, but if I let it, if I don’t turn hard and bitter, it’s cool to watch what God transplanted grow and burst into bloom.

And the spot in me where God did the pruning? It’s given new life and becomes even better. Keeping that in mind helps soothe the hurt of the pruning process.

God prunes us so we can become more fruitful. Let’s not resist the pruning, even though it can be painful at times.

 Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it so that it may bear more fruit. John 15:2 NASB

Heavenly Father, I thank You for pruning me. Help me stay soft and pliable in Your hands as You prune, knowing that it’s for the best and that I will become more fruitful for You through the process. Lord, as I see things I treasure removed and given to others, let me not become bitter, but help me rejoice in the growth and fruit that’s sure to come from it. You are the master Gardener and You know what You’re doing. Help me rest in that knowledge and trust You as You prune. Be glorified in me. In Your Name, amen.

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