Happy New Year – Two Thousand Eighteen • New Beginnings

Maybe this year it can be different.

Maybe we can do away with resolutions and embrace something radical. Perhaps if we do, we could actually end 2018 better than we arrived. If we let the light shine just a bit brighter each day, maybe they would WANT to be in relationship with us, conversations could happen, we could listen to each other, perhaps even walk with each other. Then perhaps, they could SEE…they could see Jesus, the Jesus of the gospel who often acted VERY differently than we do in the name of love. Maybe they could see who Jesus really was, in us.

Imagine that.

Twenty • Eighteen would then be a year of real transformation and not empty resolutions.

It begins.

Let us embrace this new year.

Let us embrace the light that we have an opportunity to shine…Lord knows this weary world and her people need it.


There is a song lyric that tends to replay in my head this season by a little known band named Semisonic, tucked within a song called “Closing Time.”

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.”

It encapsulates so much in my personal life.

It encapsulates so much of our journey at the Café.

The Café was laid in my lap 11 years ago in a season of transition and it was an indescribable GIFT from the Lord. It was a gift in the midst of a season of saying “yes” and walking obediently in faith. HE alone brought it, cultivated it, moved in it and introduced me to some of the most amazing humans, scattered all over the planet, connected for one purpose…sharing real Jesus in a world where the internet is used and fueled by so much hatred and evil. We have used it as a mission field.

We’ve shared.
Our hearts bled on the screen.
We shared, often not knowing who was reading or how our words ministered.

I also know that, as we are told in Ecclesiastes, there are seasons. A time for everything. We believe, after much prayer, the season has come to lay down the Café.
The season has come to allow this ending, to lead us all into the next beginning.
While the content will remain on the site, there will be no new daily devotional materials.

For those of you who have only been with us a short time…thank you. I know that you anticipated a much longer season with us…

For those of you who have been reading at the Café since the beginning…back in the days when we were a little part of a much larger blog called Christian Women Online, thank you. Thank you for your commitment to this ministry and joining us daily. It is indeed bittersweet, but this ministry has given me more than I could have ever anticipated. We have become connected in a unique way.

Here’s to the New Year and ALL that it holds. May 2018 be a year full of grace and love…godspeed – may God flourish you.


Happy New Year – Two Thousand Eighteen • New Beginnings

Maybe this year it can be different. Maybe we can do away with resolutions and embrace something radical. Perhaps if we do, we could actually end 2018 better than we arrived. If we let the light shine just a bit brighter each day, maybe they would WANT to be in relationship with us, conversations could […]

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